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The New Guns N' Roses! +++ Latest News

December 22 --- Axl featured in L'UOMO VOGUE MAGAZINE

The article was written by Sante D'Orazio; a photographer who had known Axl in the past but hadn't seen him in 13 years.

He got a phone call from Beta (Axl's personal assistant) who informed him that Axl would like to meet again.

He explained all the similarities between him and Axl and complimented him on his taste. Axl has no image consultant and likes to wear Armani, Dior, and McQueen.

Pictures: Thanks to Blueheart @ cd.com
Story: Thanks to Lara (gnr2k.com)

December 20 --- Tour Finale in Los Angeles (CA) - REVIEW

The first leg of the North American tour came to an end in Los Angeles today at 2:30 in the morning with thrills, chills and spills. Tuesday night it was guitarist Robin Finck that took a spill while drummer Frank Ferrer almost became a victim of pyro gone wrong, but at Wednesday's tour finale performance it was Axl who ate it, tumbling down the staircase that leads to an elevated platform during "Live and Let Die."

Shocked and embarrassed Axl's grin was ear to ear as he struggled to get through the rest of the song without laughing.

After Tuesday's stellar show the band was hard pressed to top their previous efforts but they didn't disappoint. In the holiday spirit Richard Fortus' guitar solo included a rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" while Bumblefoot led the crowd in a sing-along of "Mr. Grinch" during his solo.

Having already seen the band numerous times it was pretty much a by-the-book show with no real surprises but that didn't mean it wasn't any less spectacular. For me, the highlight was the encore. You could really tell Axl let loose while singing "Chinese Democracy,""I.R.S." and "Madagascar" back to back. He seemed so comfortable and energized singing the new songs. I think anyone who wasn't familiar with those songs (if that's even possible) must have been won over. And maybe because it was the tour's last show Axl and Sebastian Bach really let it all hang out during a turbo charged "My Michelle" (with special guest Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys) that almost brought the house down.

It was also great seeing Izzy Stradlin back onstage during these last three shows. Always the quiet, laidback member of GNR this time around Izzy stalked the stage like he owned it - climbing the staircase to the drum riser or standing tall center stage. I'm sure the bona fide rock star response from the crowd and the band didn't hurt. Every night Tommy, Ron, Richard
and Robin would surround him, play alongside him and almost look at him in awe. Afterwards Robin would usually bow down before him. After all, Izzy did help pave the wave for these guys.

Before the show I got to speak with new drummer Frank Ferrer who was happily guaranteeing a great show. Although he didn't know if he's officially in the band to stay he was still laughing about almost going up in smoke the night before. Gunners Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed and Robin Finck were celebrating before the show along with guests Ron Jeremy and Danny Bonaduce. It's great to see how genuinely excited these guys are to playing in Guns N' Roses.

Hopefully we'll have our hands on Chinese Democracy come March and hear even more new songs on future legs of the tour. Until then, Happy New Year everybody!


Thanks to Jose Martinez and Adam Mars for the reviews!

Tour Pictures

December 19 --- Show in Los Angeles (CA) - FULL REVIEW

The show kicked with the usual wallop of "Welcome to the Jungle" followed by "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone" but you could tell Axl was in a way better mood than on Sunday. He interacted more with the audience and even cracked several jokes. And during "November Rain" the drums actually caught on fire as a bevy of sparklers fell from above. Some roadies immediately rushed in and put the fire out but afterwards Axl joked that maybe Wednesday night they'll torch the drummer. During an impromptu Deep Purple jam Axl changed the lyrics to "smoke on the drummer."

But the levity didn't stop there, during "Rocket Queen" Robin slipped and unceremoniously fell flat on his back, quickly getting up only to get hit by Axl's mic stand as he was tossing it across the stage. You could tell Axl was surprised but he was smiling anyways.

After roaring renditions of "Blues" and "I.R.S." it was time to introduce Izzy Stradlin but he was a no show. "Welcome to my world motherfuckers," Axl said as Izzy was nowhere to be found. After playing "Out Ta Get Me" and "Down on the Farm" (a total treat) Izzy finally came out, thanks to GPS Axl joked. They ripped through favorites like "Think About You," "Used to Love Her," "Patience" and "Nightrain." As well as the show's closer "Paradise City."


Tour Pictures: Thanks to djcleaver

December 17 --- Show in Los Angeles (CA) - FULL REVIEW

I believe Spin Magazine said it best when they claimed, “What the world needs now is Axl Rose.”  That’s when music was inching closer and closer to a deplorable future filled the bitter sounds of Fred Durst and other assorted foilliclly challenged jocks turned singers.

After last night’s seemingly flawless performance by what will probably be referred to as Guns N’ Fucking Roses for the rest of time, I don’t think I’ll be even talking about the old Guns for awhile.

From the opening guitar teasers that triggered the question to end all questions surrounding Axl, “Do you know where the fuck you are?,” the audience was convinced that rock n’ roll just sounds better when it’s coming from his mouth.  I saw them play on New Years Eve in Vegas a few years back and I was reduced to a screaming little girl for two and a half hours.  It wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t give a shit.  Last night was the same deal.  Axl’s vocals were better than great. I pinched myself every time he uttered even a word fragment. 

Axl aside, the band came out firing and didn’t miss a beat the entire show.  It’s amazing how so many musicians can be attacking the same song at the same time and not let it slip into a complete mess.  Their sound technician definitely deserves more than a high five for his efforts.  Oh yeah, and that one guy…named Izzy Fuckin’ Stradlin came out and gave everyone an early Christmas present.  In recent shows he looked a little awkward nestled in the mix of assorted guitar players, but last night he played like the Appetite Izzy.  Hell, what’s another guitar player? 


December 15 --- NewGNR.COM does have good informants...

If you remember, on September 23rd, I posted the following news article on NewGNR.COM:

———————— "I've heard it weeks before, but didn't want to post it straight away for obvious reasons. The story is, we've heard from someone very high up in the food chain of the GNR tour that all California shows after KROQ will be postponed until December. The source continues.. "After Sept 23rd, the band goes into studio to complete final mixing of the album, and the album will come out before December" ... "Towards new years, they will fly to Miami for a show... and ON new years eve, they plan to perform in Dubai"" ————————

Back then, this information was labelled as "Bullshit", "Complete Crap", and "not true" by so-called INSIDERS.

Now let's see what Merck wrote in his open letter yesterday:

———————— Merck: "Axl then asked me to postpone the North American tour which was due to start on 24th of September by a month and finally, early in that period after the euphoria of Inland Invasion, Axl made a break through and got two or three very productive days under his belt."

"It also allows for the deal to be done with the label and any change in Management etc which may be made to be made as well as detailed meetings on the touring which on this basis would start in Dubai just before the album's release."

What have we learnt boys and girls? NewGNR.COM does have good informants.

And because open letters are fun, here's another one for you, coming from Allen Adjamian. Read it, if you're interested in downloading the Sailing video from the Acoustic Show in London)


December 15 --- Show in Oakland (CA) - FULL REVIEW

Axl... "I would like to introduce a man on drums who needs no introduction... Lars F'n Ulrich!"

Lars Ulrich joined Guns N' Roses on stage to play Out Ta Get Me.

Have you been at the show? Email me ...


December 14 --- An open letter from Axl!

Axl Fires Manager And Reveals Tentative Release Date


December 12 --- Fresno Show Cancelled!

Live Nation and Guns N' Roses have announced that the Guns N' Roses show at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA has been cancelled. Sincere apologies go out to all the fans in Fresno who bought a ticket. We hope you can make it to the band's show in Oakland, CA at the ORACLE Arena (formerly Oakland Arena) on Friday night the 15th of December, which will proceed as scheduled. Refunds for the Fresno show are available at point of purchase.


December 11 --- Show in Portland (OR) - FULL REVIEW

Once you hear an opening band, you understand why they're an opening band. Baz has the most amazing pipes. I don't know how Axl and him can scream for a couple of hours every night and not destroy their voices. 

GNR took the stage at about 11:45 as expected. The show was tight as hell. I saw them in the early 90s with Skid Row and again in 2002. This band is a better group of musicians. GNR is Axl. The sound of GNR is the voice, pack in a bunch of virtuosos to back him. The voice is more fine tuned, he was spot on all night. I saw them with Slash 15 years ago as I mentioned, and he was so S%#t faced in the past that he wasn't as effective as he could have been. Ferocious performance, incredible guitar work by Finck and Thal. Really, the highlight in my opinion was the opportunity for each member to solo. These guys made me want to go out and learn how to play guitar. They literally made the guitars sing.

The downside? Audience energy was terrible. The venue capacity was 20 k and there were like 5500 people there. The place looked mostly empty. To their credit, they played their asses off despite the audience, but I think they gave us a final jab...
NO PARADISE CITY!!! The encore ended with Madagascar! Great song but come on!


December 10 --- Show in Everett (WA) - FULL REVIEW

The Suicide Girls came on about 8:10 PM. They were alright, but when you're that close you can see the cellulite pretty well. Doesn't matter though, their attitude was cool and they were definitely having fun. Helmet came on about fifteen minutes after SG ended. I didn't know who they were until they started playing. Then I immediately recognized them from Guitar Hero. Anyway, the crowd accepted them and they put on a good show. Bach was up next, and he came on about 20 minutes after Helmet was through.

About halfway through his setlist, Bach says, "Make enough fucking noise that Axl can hear you backstage". Here's the surprising part.  Less than half hour after Bach finishes. . . THE LIGHTS GO OUT.  You've read other reviews of other shows, you know the setlist. You know how the crowd reacts (and we fuckin' did!) You should also know that I'm telling you the truth when I say that Axl Rose sounds better than he did during the Illusion Tour.  This is amazing news. The man triumphed through EACH AND EVERY SONG with grace. Hell, he made it look easy.  No Down on the Farm, but Used to Love Her was there.  2 1/2 solid hours of rocking the fuck out. Vocally, it was a tie between Better and The Blues for me.  He really is putting his all into these new songs, not that the classics were anything short of stellar. I also noticed Bumblefoot playing a fret-less guitar during Nightrain. Every one of the new guys seems to prove with every step that any one of them could do Slash's job. And I dig Slash!  If you've been thinking that you'll pass on the new GNR, because of 2002 or no Slash, you should think again. I don't know one person who has gone to a show thinking GNR is dead that hasn't changed their mind by the time they were pulling confetti out of their hair at the end of Paradise City.  Bravo! ~ READ SHAWN's REVIEW


December 7 --- Show in Edmonton (AB) - FULL REVIEW

Fist off, I went to the gig early to get on the rail, and long a behold I did right on Ron's side. A couple of guys that were in line with me where there too when all of a sudden a guy walks up to us at the rail and offers me a cookie. It was fucking Ron " Bumblefoot" Thal. He had his hoodie up but I recoginzed him imediately.

The opening acts were pretty cool. I missed the Sucide Girls last time out but I got to catch it this time. The girls were pretty and the hoola-hoop, pretty sassy.

Baz was great. Man that guy is nuts. At one point in his set this very annoying girl (2 people down from me) was screaming at him and then flashed her breast at him. It was funny to watch Baz and Mike's ( his guitar player) reaction. Baz then opened up his shirt and started to rub his nipples, as did the girl. Needles to say after the show that girl and her firends got back stage.

Axl stopped the show mid way through Brownstone to ask the crowd to step back. People I swear to you it was as if we were listening to Live Era when this happened. He asked everybody to tak one step back with everybody starting in the back. Then just when Axl was asking this some monkey decides to crowd surf and has to be hauled over the rail. Axl looked at him and said something along the lines as "What the fuck is wrong with you",  in his retard voice. Then we got to se some vintage Axl when he said, "well guess what, you get to go home, bye bye" and then laughs at the kid. It was pretty funny and claimed down the crowd at the same time.

During the outro to Paradise City Ron got down in front of the crowd and walked by the entire front row and let them strum his guitar. He then went down the side as well. ~ READ REVIEW 1 | 2


December 6 --- Show in Calgary (AB) - FULL REVIEW

The Suicide Girls were pretty entertaining, kudos to the flame-blazing hula hoop dancer. She was good. Baz got us rocking and was definitely a crowd pleaser. Though the seats were approx. 3/4 full when he took the stage, he made it sound like the stadium was filled to the rafters. It was a good thing he was there to open, to keep us excited and pumped as the night grew late.

There was a dull roar of anticipation from the crowd until you heard that all-so-familiar voice scream out, "Do you know where you are?!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was on my feet with the rest of the crowd, fists pumping the air and screaming my response.

I was impressed how he patiently stopped their performance to have lights directed to the mosh pit so security could help people getting squashed against the railing. His concern was genuine, which made us want him even more!

There was a lot of dry eyes around me when Axl blew us away with November Rain lol I was completely surrounded by people in party mode. The lighter show surrounding me was just as amazing as the light show on stage as it cascaded sparks of rain all around Axl.

Duet highlights for me: Baz and Axl did more than impress us with My Michelle! Bubbles and Axl with Liquor and Whores lmao. It was great... when Bubbles asked the crowd, "Do you know where you are?" His voice cracked as if he was going through puberty again. Too funny and adorable. Ya gotta love him.


December 4 --- Show in Winnipeg (MB) - FULL REVIEW

The show started at 8 pm with the Suicide Girls, but I didn't go see them, I got there around 8:45, so I missed there set, no worries, didn't want to see them anyways. Helmet came on at 9 pm and they were okay, but I'm not really into their stuff. At 10 pm Sebastian Bach hit the stage, he kicked some serious ass. He got the crowd pumped, sang Oh Canada with us, he threw some goon out who flipped him off, he got some girl to show her chest on the big screen. He sang all the good Skid Row songs. He said not to worry as AXL was in the building... awesome, he rocked out. Then after his set at 11 pm the wait started and yes it was a 1 hour wait but right at 12 pm on the dot... The lights went down and Robin Finck gave us the opening riffs of Welcome to the Jungle, the crowd went ape shit. Blew the roof off the place. Axl brought out Sebastian Bach, but also Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. "This is a song I like to do back at the legion,"said Bubbles, after teasing the crowd with the opening riff from Rush's Closer to the Heart, then launching into his self-penned ditty Liquor and Whores. "Ah, f---, am I excited!" . The whole show ruled...



December 2 --- Show in Minneapolos (MN) - FULL REVIEW

Well, I start off by getting there about 8:16 - just in time for the end of the Suicide Girl's. The blonde one who said that she LOVED MPLS was pretty hot. They ended their show.

Later, Sebastain Bach and his band came out. They were fuckin' amazing, Bach's vocal's kicked hella ass...

... Gn'R flag backdrop raises to the top and the wait begins. About 10 to 15 minutes later I see Frank backstage drumming on some pratice pads. And, see Robin's Guitar tech tune the guitars. And then, the intro music starts! The whole crowd is on their feet and pumped. They start playin' the Welcome To The Jungle teaser, and then Axl comes out, D'ya know where the fuck you are! The crowd erupted.... Axl was spot on, easily better then any bootleg I've ever heard (I've got every audio show out there so I know what I am talking about). This performance blew the shit outta the water compared to any other performanced of it, old or new. The songs ends and they walk off stage, and then came back and took a bow. Then they walked off stage again, and Axl came back again and said that he had a good fucking time and Tommy came up and said that he had a great time also, and that it was great to be home, or something to that effect.~ READ AXLANDER's REVIEW


December 2 --- REVIEWS

11/24/06 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
11/25/06 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills

11/27/06 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
12/01/06 Ames, IA Hilton Coliseum

December 1 --- Show in Ames (IA) - FULL REVIEW

Highlight for me from this show was Madagascar - Axl nailed it better then any other show I have heard (and I have damn near every boot available from 02 through this year). No real downers, the band was very tight and was on top of their game. I suppose if you are trying to criticize you could bitch about the show time. Axl apologized and mentioned the weather. I believe him 100% in his sincerity regarding the later then normal start. He also made another EODM crack when Bach came on. I believe it was "pidegons of poop" but I can't swear to that. Baz called him Getty Lee, Baz was wearing a RUSH t shirt. The crowd seemed to like the new songs, with Better getting the best applause. Not many were singing along, but seemed to enjoy the new music. Frank is one hell of a plus for these guys.

Kotey, my condolences to you for your loss... stay strong!


November 30 --- Show in Auburn Hills (Nov 25) - FULL REVIEW

Got to the Palace of Auburn Hills around 8pm. There was a local band on stage when I got to my seats. Didn't catch their name. Next up was the Suicide Girls which was impressive. Nice moves, & the tall blonde is my future ex-wife.

Baz hit the stage around 9:30pm. I've always been a Skid Row fan but his set just sucked. I was highly disappointed. 11:30....I'm getting ready for the lights & here we go...... WTTJ rings out loud....... let the madness begin. For the next 2 hours plus, we're treated to a rebirth. I've seen GnR live many times ('91, Guns/metallica, UYI '93, Vegas shows & several 2002 shows..... but his voice was amazing.

There was a heckler who thru something at Axl. He was pissed. Then, after the encore, the guy was still talking shit. So Axl says "I wouldn't dare encourage anyone, but I hope someone beats your fucking ass before you get out of here.".  I think that guy got hit with beer. Then Axl said " You had to wait til the end of the show didn't you, you f'n p**sy c**t". Classic Axl.

Overall, best GnR show I've seen in a while. The band was unbelievably tight. Frank is still drumming in place of Brain. Ron now has dreadlocks. ~ READ SAMUEL's REVIEW


November 23 --- Away

I'm sorry, I will not be able to update the site until November 28th!

November 21 --- Show in Halifax - FULL REVIEW

In the famed words of Axl himself, "oooohhh, it was the best time I can remember!" ... Last night, I dream totally came true for me. My teenage thrill came to life in a unbelieveable mix of sights, sounds and pyrotechnics. :)

Then at 11:55, the lights dimmed and the crowd LOST IT!!!! Everyone was freaking out just waiting for a glimpse of the band!! GNR took the stage an opened with "Welcome to the Jungle". Un-freakin'-real!! Everyone was on their feet and remained so for 4 or 5 songs. I felt like I was in "The Surreal Life".

And the highlight of the night...the Trailer Park Boys! Julian, Ricky and Bubbles take the stage...Bubbles with guitar in hand. He reaches the mike and says, "Here's a tune I play down at the Legion...it's called Liquor & Whores". The audience went nuts! Everyone sang along. I felt so happy for Mike (Bubbles). Here he is coming from the Trailer Park to playing on stage
with Axl Rose. How cool is that??!! Even after they left the stage, Axl sang the chorus again. He said something about adding them to the tour.

Look into Kevin Wong's website for another Halifax show review. He's the author of the Heroes of Destiny trilogy of fantasy-adventure books.



11/17/06 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank - 1, 2, 3, 4
11/18/06 Quebec Colisee Pepsi - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

November 19 --- Show in Quebec - FULL REVIEW

At that time, Sebastien was on stage rocking out..  He looked like he was enjoying himself and so was the crowd.  He played pretty much the same set as the night before; and he finished at around 11:00 pm.  So the waiting began and the anticipation for Axl's return to "La Belle Province" - the province of Quebec began.  I must say - all of those people from Quebec - you guys know how to fucking rock out!!!!! 

Jungle started at about 11:50 pm…  The place absolutely EXPLODED!!!  The crowd was louder than it was in Ottawa; and I had first level seats and just taking it all in - it was something very special, it literally sent chills down my spine.  He went through about 4 songs straight.. And the highlight of the show for me was during Kockin' someone had a sign that got to Axl that said something to the effect of - "Axl - please come back to MTL we love you!!"  He showed it to the crowd and started smiling, then he put it by the drums - implying that he was going to keep it…  WOW - from that moment on it seemed as though with everything contraversial that had happened was in the past; this NEW GN'R was willing to un-do everything wrong that had occured…  Something very nice to wintess and experience live in person!! 

It was the usual set list. No really changes. They played Down on the farm, wich was great. No Madagascar, but hey...I saw it in Ottawa. For an encore, they played Chinese Democracy.

BBF friend told me that it was THE BEST show of the tour so far...Because of the crowd! I was in fuckin Heaven dudes and dudettes!


November 19 --- Interview with IZZY STRADLIN!

Q: Obviously a lot of fans would like to ask various questions on the GUNS N' ROSES tour. Anything you feel comfortable telling us would be appreciated...

Izzy: I spent my summer vacation touring with Axl's new GUNS N' ROSES and had some fun playing live again. Amazing fans out there... It's hard to believe at times. Fantastic! GNR tour: Axl and I connected via cell phone this year. I stopped by to see if he looked as old as he might be... Same age as myself, you know, and he looked great! It was nice to reconnect with an old friend/war buddy/fellow musician. I told him later I'd like to join the fun in some way and he said I was welcome to come and play something, so I did! Took me about three weeks to recover from the six weeks of touring!!!!

Source: Izzy's official site

November 17 --- Guns in Ottawa (ON) - FULL REVIEW

After Die Manequin set, 20 minutes later, lights go down again, and then, Suicide Girls's set starts.  It was funny and cool for about 7 minutes.  THEN, what a boring show that was.  COMPLETELY irrelevant for a rock concert! 

After 30 minutes of wait or so, Baz comes on stage.  WOW,  He's exactly like I seen him 15 years ago in Montreal.  HE was fuckin' rockin.  And everybody was rocking with him.  He even said to the crowd that he likes a lot being in TORONTO..HAHAHAHAHA..He was in Ottawa....HAHAHAHAHA  Everybody started booing him.  For 10 seconds, before continue to rock.  I must say, he's a helluva opening act.

It's not before midnight that GnR hit the stage.  It was the first time I see them since May in Hammerstein ballroom.  They are tighter, better, and they rock so much more than in N-Y.  What a tight band that is. 

They sang Richard Fortus a Happy Birthday...It was lotsa fun!  All the guys were amazing.  Ron is so fuckin cool, and he rocks like no other on guitars.  Diz as always was at his best!  Everybody seemed to have a great time.

If some of you are asking if it's worth it to go see the Gunners, JUST DO.  IT IS!  It's the best rock act you can see!


Thanks for the pix: R.J., Garth & Scott

November 15 --- Guns in Toronto (ON) - FULL REVIEW

On this cold and rainy November evening, this GNR fan was in pure awe. Electricity in the air could be felt long before even arriving at the Air Canada Center.

Sebastian Bach really did a great job on this night, and held the audience in the palm of his hand.

11:45 to be exact, the lights faded to black and the intro of all intros hit like a ton of bricks, and we were all welcomed to the jungle!

The setlist really covered everything and anything I would possibly had wanted to hear. Even throwing in Down on the Farm into the fold was really incredible.

Axl sand with relative ease, making it look easy. The band played super tight and even added new elements that I truly believe where missing in their lives shows back in the day. Bumblefoot won all our hearts by playing a "Hendrix" style "O'Canada" during his solo. Truly f'n magical.

This concert is something I will never forget. For all the new GNR haters out there who say this isn't GNR, I can tell you, this is Guns N Roses. Axl is GNR. He always was and always will be. He was the voice of a generation, and once this new record comes out, he'll be the voice of the new generation of rockers. ~ READ RYAN's REVIEW

Other reviews by: Andrew Amatiello, JOE

Baltimore review by Gabe Caggiano

Happy birthday Rich!

Thanks so much to all of you!

November 13 --- Guns in Baltimore (MD) - FULL REVIEW

Well the opening act was great. The suicide girls were probably the best way to open a rock show. Half a dozen girls or so dancing burlesque to remixes of rock and pop songs (anything from marilyn manson to 70's pop). I was very impressed; truly talented and sexy (if you like tattoos and multiple piercings) and very, very flexible :)

Guns n Roses actually appeared on time, at 5 past 11pm. Everyone around was talking about how they would be really late – but they proved us all wrong.

3rd in line, front in center against the rail - been to nearly a dozen shows and Baltimore was the best live performance I have ever had the opportunity to witness.

This band is so many miles ahead of the old line-up, as well as the 2000-2002 jaunts. Let me tell you one thing, THE WHOLE BAND STOLE THE SHOW. Robin played the best blues solo I've ever heard, and I've heard Slash play plenty of blues solos. Tommy was smiling the whole show (and rocking hard). Bumblefoot was simply amazing. Richard and Finck duo'ed together side by side much of the time and they really clicked. These guys are creating a new generation of GNR fans, let me tell you.

The crowd was really into it and I would have a hard time believing that anyone walked away from this show disappointed. I think GNR just earned themselves a few more thousand Chinese Democracy sales. Oh yeah, Axl has never sounded better (and his voice was high in the mix!)... if there was one soundboard bootleg to surface from this tour this would be the one you would want. Axl did shit with his voice that that just made your jaw drop, like the falsetto shit he did in Osaka on KHOD. I was at Hammerstein, Vegas and I've been to many many other shows on the west coast and this was hands down the best performance. ~ MetaSoul

Thought I'll also let you know about some new cool GNR sites...
GNR Source, Mundo Gunner, gunsnrosestoday.com


November 11 --- Axl performs @ Benefit for MJ Fox Foundation

"On the Way to Cure Parkinson's" ... Axl appeared at yesterdays benefit for the MJ Fox Foundation and even performed a song.

Pictures of him with MJ Fox, Muhammad Ali, and many others can be seen here.

The MJ Fox Foundation was established in the year 2000 and is dedicated to ensuring the development of a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Axl took the stage at the Waldorf-Astoria Ballroom to sing McCartney's "Live and Let Die." Why the performance? "Michael had asked", Rose told PEOPLE. "We actually used a sample of Michael J. Fox from (his film) Casualties of War in one of our songs that will be on the new album. So I felt, one, I've always been a fan of his. And I also feel for the guy and his situation. I'm for stem-cell research, so I just thought it would be wrong not for me to come when I was asked."

Links: MJ Fox Foundation

November 10 --- Show in New York, MSG - FULL REVIEW - PIX

The feeling in Madison Square Garden can not be explained with justice. It was like the roof was going to blow off. MSG showed Axl soooo much love, and he in return performed perfection.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SHOW: SMOKEN for Knockin on Heavens Door -- there was such a feeling in the arena and during that song everything just came together. Better-- THE PLACE WENT NUTS FOR BETTER, and it was a different arrangment than usual, there was trippy sirens in the background during the chorus.

AND FOR PARADISE CITY, Robin motherfucking Finck crowd-surfed into the audience-WITH HIS GUITAR- they fucking carried him halfway through the arena.. You couldn't possibly imagine how far he was from the stage-- with guitar in hand-- I don't know if he was able to play from his position.. BUT THE SIGHT WAS SICK


Thanks for the pix: GNRSkidRow

November 10 --- New band to open for Guns N' Roses

From Novemer 13th on (show in Baltimore, MD), the Suicide Girls will be opening for Guns N' Roses, which means.... tits & chocolate sauce!

Who's going to see Guns at the Madison Square Garden tonight? I'd really appreciate reviews, pics, and all that...

November 9 --- Where's the stuff? :)

If you've been to any of the recent shows and took pictures, recorded audio or video... please !!

November 8 --- Show in Worcester (MA) - FULL REVIEW

First off Bach opening was amazing. He sounded great.

The crowd waited about an hour or so for Gnr to hit the stage ... Robin started his WTTJ tease and the crowd erupted. I was at Boston 2002 and while Worcester is a smaller venue and has less people let me tell you the crowd was loud and into all the songs. The new songs even got a pop. Most people did not know them but I saw some people that were singing them. One guy even asked how we knew the new songs. He asked if we stole them LOL We told him the names of the new songs they played to that point and I assume he was going to go download them after the show (sorry Axl)

The surprise of the night came when they played down on the Farm; it was really rockin, and sounded great. But this was one of the songs Axl’s mic was crapping out and for the middle part of the song you couldn’t hear him.

All and all the show came off great and the fans were into it all night ... quite a few people came from Maine to see the show. Also after the show walking out and I went to a store after to get a drink, everyone was saying how great Axl and the band sounded. I also turned on the radio to listen and 90% of the callers were positive.

Thanks for the pix: damien feelgood

November 7 --- A MESSAGE FROM AXL!

I would like to apologize to all of the fans in Maine for the show not happening last night. It was important for us to play there and it is a shame that what should have been a great night for all of us was not possible due to the actions of two people.

I agree with, and ultimately take responsibility for, the end decision not to jeopardize the safety of the fans, the crews, the bands and myself as a result of the methods of these particularly draconian authorities. We are not trying to get away or get out of anything or pull a fast one by combining ticket sales as has been speculated.

There are reasons that I have not spoken more about Montreal and Philadelphia that have been extremely complicated and are not legally resolved behind the scenes to this day and could have possibly jeopardized the future of Guns N' Roses.

We have chosen to take the public heat for these events in order to have another shot at the future today with a new album.

The professionals around me felt that Portland was a potentially explosive situation that could have had a somewhat similar result based on the behavior of the two aforementioned fire marshals (it's not my first barbeque!) had the fans been given entry to the building and the show started. In respect of these opinions, our fans, the people of Portland, and the bands scheduled to play with us that night, unfortunately the only sensible decision was not to take that chance.

We hope to find another way to play for you in the future. Thanks for even trying to see us. It sincerely is much more than appreciated.


November 7 --- REVIEWS

10/29/06 San Juan, Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
11/02/06 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum

11/03/06 Huntington, WV Big Sandy Superstore Arena
11/05/06 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena

Sorry for not replying to all of the emails... I still have to go through 595 unread messages... but keep the reviews coming! It's a pleasure reading them all and the people appreciate it! I'm still looking for pictures from the latest shows. If you have any, please !!

Happy birthday Robin!

November 6 --- Show in Maine/Portland cancelled

Tonight's show at the Cumberland County Civic Center has been cancelled due to limitations imposed by local fire marshals.

A band spokesperson commented, "Axl and the band are very unhappy about not being able to play for the fans in Portland but have been advised after several meetings with local fire marshals Nelson Collins and Bob Cadigan that they have made it impossible for the band to perform their show to the usual high standards that their fans deserve.

"More importantly, we have been informed that officials intend to enforce rules and regulations that should not and do not apply in this venue. Our production manager and crew have been in this building with Clay Aiken and Green Day and none of the restrictions imposed on Guns N’ Roses were experienced by those artists. It is our opinion that they are going out of their way to target and single out Guns N' Roses and the band's loyal fans. Following consultation with the band's manager, agent and promoter, it was felt that it was best to cancel the show. It is a regrettable decision, particularly at this late notice, but it is of paramount importance that our fans have the best experience possible without being harassed and threatened.

"We look forward to continuing the tour in Worcester on Wednesday.”


If you are unable to attend the Worcester show, refunds will be available at point of purchase.

October 29 --- Away

I'm sorry, I will not be able to update the site until November 4th!


Del James was asked to write a column for GunsNRoses.com HERE ...

He tells about his 21 year old history with Guns N' Roses, explains the current status of the band, speaks about the delays, Frank's role in GNR, and most importantly, he reveals more about the setlists of the coming shows (see picture to the right). We'll hear new stuff soon!

October 29 --- Show in San Juan (Puerto Rico) - FULL REVIEW

Around 15,000 fans showed up for the first GNR gig ever on the island.  It was around 12:00am when the lights went down, a chinese type of music played and the crowd went nuts when the riffs of Jungle were heard.  Needless to say what happened when Axl appeared, it was like opening Pandora's Box unleashing 20 years of anticipation, hope, anger and every other feeling imaginable.

Axl sounded and looked fucking great. The best frontman ever.  He wasn't short of breath, he was hitting every note and was dancing around stage with he's trademark moves.  The band was tight as if they had been together for ever and the chemistry showed.  

Halfway through "Used to love Her", Axl started ponting to security that something was wrong in the crowd that were jammed in the open floor.  Some tought that it was someone with a camera taking pictures but actually there were two people passed out.  Axl was really pissed 'cause it took security a long time to deal with the situation.  At this point Axl was talking to security in the middle of the song saying "this is ridiculous, does anybody hear me, do I have to go down there? just pull them out of there goddamn it". 

He said "it's been a long time since I have done this, but like all good things it must come to an end"  He was talking about the people who are writing in the internet or wherever, negative stuff about him and the band.  He said " I don't have anything against bootlegers or that's stuff 'cause I have come to terms with that but it's funny how some kid in Iowa or whereever the fuck it's bitching about we doing this and that. Oh they change the setlist is it beacuse the band doesn't know this song or that one, or the band didn't sound that good, Axl was this and that, bla bla bla and then we have every other little paper or site writing the same shit that a fucking kid that never comes to a show is bitching about ". And then concluded "Anyways, I just want to shove it up there asses. We don't care about those things we just want to have a good time right here, right now with you guys" Then they played "Roquet Queen" saying "this is for you motherfuckers".

Anyway, it was a great show and I really recommend everyone who has the chance to go and see them.  ~ READ JONELLE'S REVIEW

If you have pictures, email me :)


October 27 --- Show in Estero (FL) - FULL REVIEW - PIX

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll pretty much summed up the night. From girls throwing their bras and panties up during Knockin' on Heaven's Door to the constant aroma of pot circulating around the arena, it turned out to be one hell of a good show.

Around 11, the lights dimmed, the epic intro to Welcome to the Jungle started to play, and every worry or bad thought that was in your mind just disappeared. It was as if there was nothing on Earth that could bother you when that intro started. The crowd all stood, as Axl let out the welcoming scream of "Do You Know Where the Fuck You are!?!?"

Basically one word for the concert is unbelievable. No person can realize how good Axl sounds until they see a show.

The whole show kicked ass. And just as the other people who have reviewed their concerts, I strongly suggest any person buy a ticket to see GNR.
I base my promise on my life that this is a good show. Axl stayed true to the music, and that's what makes me a bigger fan everyday. ~ READ CHRIS' REVIEW

Have YOU been at the show? Email me your review!

Pictures: Here (Thanks EFISH!)

October 27 --- Drummer question + Album update

As some of you know, Frank Ferrer is currently drumming for the band on tour. The official word is that Brain is unavailable at this time because "he is still a new father". However, 2 days before the tour start, an email with the message "Brain has quit for unknown reasons. (Frank is in for the U.S. tour)" has reached me. Take it for what it's worth.

I am in no way labelling this as a fact. I'm just giving this message a mention on my site because it has reached me on October 22nd, 2 days before the tour started.


John Stoll, president of West Palm Beach promoter Fantasma Productions Inc, claims the first couple of shows have not been rescheduled because of poor ticket sales or Axl's mood, but because Axl was hung up in the recording studio, putting finishing touches on the new album. (Source) On September 23rd, I wrote something similar to those lines - but please note that this has not been confirmed.


October 25 --- Show in Tampa, FL

Sebastian’s band took the stage shortly after 8:30 followed by Papa Roach.  Both were actually pretty good and performed their duty well – to mildly entertain the crowd until Axl decided to show up.  Around 11:45 the lights went down, and the familiar Welcome To The Jungle intro pierced the air.  For the next 2+ hours Axl and his new machine played all of the favorites plus 3 or 4 new songs.  Axl was full of energy and in a good mood.  At one point he even, jokingly, remarked to Sebastian that “we f*cked up the ending” after My Michelle.  His mic did not have enough volume and was often drowned out by the music.  As for the new members they are all proficient and quite capable. 

What I walked away with (as the sun was coming up) was an even bigger anticipation of the release of Chinese Democracy. I have always supported Axl’s desire to cover new territory and not just churn out carbon copies of Appetite For Destruction every two years. ~ READ RYAN'S FULL REVIEW


October 24 --- Show in Sunrise, FL

Sure, the crowd was restless and some old timers got cranky but when Axl and the boys finally hit the stage at 11:20 PM everybody knew that we were in for something special.

Opening with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and rolling through an incredible catalog of some of the greatest rock and roll ever played, this new incarnation of G N’ R gave the audience their money’s worth even if some of us did not believe that Mr. Rose and Company would ever take the stage.

Highlights of the evening (or early morning) included classic cuts from “Appetite for Destruction” (Night Train, Out Ta Get Me, It’s So Easy, Sweet Child O’ Mine), a roaring rendition of ‘Live and Let Die’ featuring flaming balls of fire and explosions, Axl seated at the keys for ‘November Rain’, a kick ass version of ‘You Could Be Mine’ and the one and only song to conclude such a set ‘Paradise City’.
~ READ FULL REVIEW BY war_of_the_roses

Pics: HERE (Thanks to * SUPER JESS * and Efish)

October 20 --- My god!

TalkingMetal.com reports that Guns N' Roses have licensed music to Harley Davidson for a TV spot entitled "Black Sheep." The standard version, which launched nationally on October 8, features the track "Paradise City" while the alternate version, launching late October, premieres the new, exclusive, unreleased Guns N' Roses track "Better" from their new album, "Chinese Democracy", which will hit stores later this year. This is the first time  Guns N' Roses has agreed to license one of their top songs for a commercial. A video clip featuring the premiere of "Better" is available HERE.


October 18 --- UPDATE, from Rolling Stone

In the new issue of Rolling Stone hitting stands this Friday, our Brian Hiatt reveals what he’s discovered about the long-awaited Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy. The article begins with this elusive quote from GN’R manager Merck Mercuriadis, in which he essentially retreads stuff we already know: “The album will come out this year. There are ten Tuesdays left before January – it will come out on one of them.” But trust us, it gets better. Highlights after the jump.

  • Following Guns’ headlining gig in San Bernadino, California, on September 23rd, Axl threw a party at his mansion and played the full album in his poolroom for visitors, including his friend Sebastian Bach, former singer of Skid Row. “It was mind-blowing,” says Bach, who is opening for Guns n’ Roses on their upcoming North American arena tour. “It’s a very cool album – it’s badass with killer screams, killer guitar riffs, but it’s got a totally modern sound. The word for it is ‘grand.’ It’s fucking epic. He’s reinvented himself yet again.”
  • The album includes some tracks that have been played live or leaked onto the Internet, including the poppy “Better” and the hard-hitting “I.R.S.” “There’s this one song called ‘Sorry’ that’s almost like doom metal with Axl singing really clean over this grinding, slow beat that is fucking mean,” says Bach. “I cannot get it out of my head.”
  • Veteran engineer Andy Wallace, who mixed Nirvana’s Nevermind, is working on the project, according to a source close to the band. “We’re absolutely delighted with the mixes,” the source says.
  • On October 24th, the band will kick off its North American tour in Miami. Two dates — November 10th in New York and November 20th in Halifax, Nova Scotia — are already sold out, according to Mercuriadis. Additional U.S. dates will be added in early 2007, and the band will return to the States in the summer as well, he says.
  • Though a source told Rolling Stone that the album is due November 21st, Mercuriadis declined to confirm this. “I don’t know that we will announce a release date,” he says. “You just might walk into your record shop one Tuesday and find it there.”

Source: Rolling Stone

October 13 --- UPDATE

The first two shows of the tour have been postponed for unknown reasons. Dates as following... The Jacksonville (FL) on October 31st, Nashville (TN) has yet to be announced.

Madison Square Garden already sold out!

Sebastian Bach about getting to open for GNR ... "I said, 'I love doing "My Michelle" with you but if you really, really, really want to help me out, can my band, like, open for you?"' Bach said. "He's not really super-effusive. He doesn't gush like I do. My emotions are pretty upfront. But I could tell in some way he was trying to help me out and the phone was silent. Then he said, 'If we could work something out, we'll do it. That would be a lot of fun."

My condolences to Steven Adler (former GNR drummer) who lost his father yesterday!


                     CHINESE DEMOCRACY ON NOVEMBER 21st

From the annals of We’ll Believe It When We See It: A friend of ours with a retail source has told us that the long awaited Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy has gotten a firm release date of November 21st. Under normal circumstances we'd laugh at such an assertion — after all, this album has reportedly cost over $13 million and has been "due out" since 1998. But whenever somebody has actually managed to get Axl to speak in the past few months, he's said it's coming out before the end of the year. Plus, there was that G N'R tour announcement the other day that alluded to a release date some time in the next two months. Dare to dream, folks. Dare to dream...

Link: Rolling Stone
Thanks: Jason Ford

October 4 --- Updates @ GunsNRoses.com

While my time has been very limited lately, the guys at the official site GUNSNROSES.COM are on an updating spree...
Coming Wednesday: More video from the European tour.

One more thing about the official site: it doesn't have all dates listed. If you're considering to go to a show, look at the Ticketmaster page for all dates. Again, if you're going to see them, please email me your review of the show. [REVIEWS]

On a random note... there are only 12 Tuesdays left between now and the end of 2006!

+ I've added some of the missing Rock Am Ring videos...
(Stop bombing me with emails, I can't buy time )


October 2 --- Updates @ GunsNRoses.com

Guns N' Roses fans are back, and the band wants to thank them for the tremendous response to the first 48 hours of concert ticket sales.

Be sure to come back to the GN'R's all-new, official Web site for constantly updated news, exclusive video, music and more.

On Monday, GunsNRoses.com will debut video of GN'R from the 2006 European Tour. More video will be added all week, so come back often to see the latest.


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