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May 27 --- GNR @ RIR Lisbon - RIGHT NOW!

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May 26 --- Here we go!

NewGNR.COM is once again living up to its reputation and is informing you about the possibility to watch GNR's tonights concert at Rock In Rio Lisboa, LIVE on the internet!

Thanks to AOL for making it possible and considering my site as a good way to promote it. The links are: AOL, AOL UK

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May 26 --- Here we go!

They just finished their first show, sold out btw. They were scheduled to appear at 10 - but couldn't make it until midnight due to technical reasons. Some people in the crowd went nuts and started throwing chairs - security tight. "It's been a hell of a show. The band made up for the delay! If you hear negative reviews from this show, it may have to do with the stigma this band has to carry for the rest of their live than really about the performance we saw tonight."

"He [Axl]was wearing jeans and brownish jacket/shirt. Then, he put on the same shirt he wore at the new york shows. His voice sounded *amazing* even better than in 93. He nailed every single song, even Better and IRS.

"A lot of chemistry there... especially between the 3 guitarists. Robin Finck is the true leading guitar there."

If you haven't bought any tickets to any of the upcoming concerts, I don't know what are you waiting for. This has been so fucking worth it." - says Ignatius from HTGTH.

Full Review: Here

May 25 --- GNR in Europe!

After the 4 successful shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom the band is starting their european tour tonight in Madrid/Spain.

The place (Auditorio) is a beautiful open air arena. It is believed that the setlist will be similar to those from the Hammerstein shows - but you never know.

Are YOU going? Send reviews, pictures, audio etc by

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May 23 --- The return of Axl to the radio show?

"Got a call Sunday night from G&R management asking about Axl Rose possibly checking in to the radio show again. It is really a great honor that Axl feels a comfort zone with me and the show and is using it to reach his many fans around the world. Axl was at a NYC airport headed to Europe for some festivals, but may call in live from Europe this Friday 5/26 live on Q104.3. Due to the time difference I am NOT promising this will 100% happen, but he and his camp asked about it and of course I will welcome his call should he be available. Tune in this Friday, you never know what will happen next!" - Eddie Trunk

Source: EddieTrunk.COM

May 22 --- News article


Source: NY Daily News

May 19 --- Acoustic Show in NY + Video

GNR played an acoustic show last night at Rosario Dawson's birthday party. (Video links below)

Update May 22:
Proper quality videos:
November Rain
, Used To Love Her

Setlist was: Used To Love Her, Mr. Brownstone, Welcome To The Jungle, You're Crazy ('Lies' version), Patience, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, The Blues, I.R.S., Sweet Child O' Mine, November Rain (Axl on keyboards), Paradise City

Axl, Robin, Richard, Tommy, Ron, Dizzy and Chris took the stage. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood; they also played some old tunes from 'Lies', and Axl said they had learned the songs just 20 minutes before arriving at the club.

Needless to say, the whole place went apeshit... It was a really intimate, amazing show and a nice way to close out the week after the four Hammerstein gigs. - says Matt Goldenstein

Thanks to Vincent for sending some clips. The quality is nothing terrific as they were recorded with a mobile phone, but at least it's something.

Source: Blabbermouth
Pictures: Here
Video Clips: One | Two | Three | Four (Quicktime)
Much better video: HERE

May 19 --- Hammerstein Ballroom, May 17

"Rose introduced Stradlin before "Think About You" — although his comments were almost immediately drowned out by screams from the audience as the guitarist strutted onstage. The two hugged before launching into the number, and one eyewitness reported seeing Stradlin's eyes welling with tears during "Patience."

Setlist: Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, LALD, Think About You (Izzy), Sweet Child, Better, Knocking, Blues, You Could Be Mine, November Rain, OTGM, Richard/Robin, My Michelle (Bach), Rocket Queen, Patience (Izzy), Madagascar, IRS, Nightrain (Kid Rock), Chinese Democracy, Paradise City

Read review by TRx for more details.

Word on the streets is - there will soon be DVDs. See download page for more stuff that has to be heard.

Review: by TRx

May 18 --- Hammerstein Ballroom, May 17

You're not gonna believe this!

May 17th - IZZY STRADLIN on stage with Guns N' Roses, playing Think About You. They're still playing at this time - setlist/reviews/audio/video as usual after the show!

May 18 --- Perhaps, some videos for you!

The video download page now features a new 8 minutes clip of the May 14 show. Jungle + Rocket Queen... Wonderful quality!

I am also still hosting the 9 minutes video clip of the May 12 show. Follow this link for both videos. Much thanks to markymark for these!

Video Downloads

May 16 --- GNR to play London, June 7

They announced a show on June 7 at London Hammersmith Apollo, as a warm-up for the Download Festival. (Opening act: A7X)
You can order tickets through phone presale at ticketmaster.co.uk

Another announced date: Bilbao Live Festival (Spain) on July 14.

More news: I've been sent a wonderful 9 minutes video clip of the May 12 show - good quality in both, video and sound - medley of November Rain, My Michelle, IRS and TWAT. Follow this link. Much thanks to markymark from gnrotgm forum!


May 16 --- Hammerstein the 3rd, May 15th

Setlist was: Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Bumble/Knocking, Better, Sweet Child, Rocket Queen, My Michelle, Madagascar, You Could Be Mine, November Rain, IRS, Nightrain, Patience, Chinese Democracy, Band Introduction, Robin/Paradise City.

"Never been to a GnR show until tonight. Blows away Motley Crue and the Rolling Stones. Axl is performing perfection. Unbelievable voice. Played for 2 1/2 hours."

VIDEO External: Rocket Queen (May 14)
Review: by xgrego

May 15 --- Hammerstein, May 14th

Setlist was: Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, Rocket Queen, Dizzy/The Blues, Live and Let Die, Robin-Richard/ Knocking, Better, You Could Be Mine, Robin/Sweet Child, Out Ta Get Me, November Rain, Ron/Chinese Democracy,
My Michelle (w/ BAZ again), Patience, Richard/ Nightrain, Robin/Paradise City

They had lots of professional people with cameras all over the place, the video on the screen looked like they had something big in the making - a DVD?

I have been sent 2 audio clips from this show - follow this link
They originally come from dankrass/HTGTH. Good work!

May 14 --- Hammerstein, the 2nd

GNR are playing Hammerstein Ballroom again tonight. The show starts at the same time - 9 p.m. If you want to keep up with what's happening - look into the wonderful forum at ChineseDemocracy.com

I have also been updating this site quite a lot over the past few days - for those wanting to see the major changes...

Band: Axl, Robin, Richard, Ron, Tommy
Pictures: Axl, Robin, Richard
Concerts: Upcoming - Concert Review: Hammerstein Ballroom May 12
Downloads: Audio

May 13 --- Hammerstein, NY City

Seems like the fans had a wonderful time. We got text messages throughout the whole show. "Stage is ready. People freaking out; Beers placed on amps; Robin stagediving; Axl is psyched" - They played most songs they played during the 2002 tour, plus the 3 leaked songs... Better, IRS and TWAT. Sebastian Bach came onstage to sing My Michelle!

Let's reveal the secret... the new guy in the band is ... *drum roll* ... Ron Thal, also known as Bumblefoot.

I listened into some of the guys stuff - a true genious on guitar. One of who they would call a virtuoso! That was his first show.. I've been reading crap from people about him playing a foot-shaped guitar during Paradise City.
It's amazing how these "fans" care more about the "secondary bullshit".

Fans say Axl sounded just like in the old days, and the band played tight. Apparently Robin Finck went for crowd surfing a couple of times! Richard and Tommy playing great as usual! Quoting Sebastian how he introduced Brain on drums... "Where the fuck was this guy when we hired Matt?" ....

Setlist: Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, Better, Finck Solo, Knocking, Madagascar, Band Introduction, You Could Be Mine, Dizzy soloing on the grand Piano, The Blues, Out Ta Get Me, Ron Thal Solo, November Rain, My Michelle (with Sebastian Bach) Chinese Democracy, There Was A Time, Patience, IRS, Nightrain, Paradise City.

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VIDEOS external: November Rain, Welcome To The Jungle

May 12 --- It was about time!

Tonight, Guns N' Roses are hitting the stage again for the first time after nearly 4 years. They will be playing the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, 9 p.m. (GMT -4 hours)

Much attention will be turned to the "new person". Among names in speculation were John5, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Slash, and Izzy, but according to Axl it's no one from the past.

Are YOU going? Care to let people know what's happening at the show? Send TEXT MESSAGES or PICTURES from your cell phone to my email address.

To the ones not being able to attend... I can tell you, NewGNR.COM & GUNSNROSES.US & ChineseDemocracy.COM will live up to their reputation and inform you first. Check back here at the time the show starts.

9 p.m., GMT -4 hours, (possible delays )

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GNR Tour dates 2006: HERE

May 6th --- Some of what he said...

Text message received from AXL ROSE! Read now? ....... "Are you on the air? We are doing Nightrain right now!"

Axl on phone.. "we're up to rehearsing!" - then holds phone to the band playing Nightrain. Amazing! He then agreed to go to the studio and hang out with the guys - Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian, Chris Jericho and Eddie Trunk!

Full Audio of Axl in the studio... Click

Axl, when's the record coming out??
"Fall, late fall, definetely this year!"

The band is pretty much the same from 2002, but.. "there will be somebody new there I'm not saying who... he's not from the past...";

Brian May on the record? "I don't know.. The song is still a demo..."

"This is all about you right now! You know whats funny Axl, this is the first time everyone in this room has shut up..."

Is this the start?
"Hopefully.. the last time when we did it, a lot of people were pressuring us to do it, kinda talking me into it.. the US thing did really good for the guys in the band, they are all still there.. Buckets bucket has kinda been the same trip before he has been with us.. kinda in his own world.. the rest of us felt like a band and stayed a band!"

"Lot of shows in Europe, 30 some shows... " [which puts some weight into the UK tour rumour, first posted here...]

"It's a tougher road about 'Old Guns N' Roses' here than it is in Europe for us. There's more acceptance, there is different pressed stuff, but it doesn't seem to matter at the show!"

"We'll tour here [US] in fall..."

"Who do you like better? Priest or Maiden? Old priest.. and the first maiden album!"

"Izzy might show up for the shows! We'll see... but Izzy does what Izzy does. You think 'Hey we're gonna go over here to this record store' ... the next day you find out he's in Trinidad! Or he's... "no, I had to go to the desert and do donuts!"

Axl about the "It's So Easy" Video... "the messed up part of that was, you know Earl... this big huge black guy... [bodyguard], we went to the pleasure store to buy the bondage gear for the video.. but, the guys behind the counter just see me with the huge giant black guy... and they're looking at me and go... "Yea, you're one of us! You're cool!"

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GNR Tour dates 2006: HERE

May 6th --- Axl on Eddie Trunk! Audio here!

"You're not gonna believe, I swear you..."
Axl has been nice and joined Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" as a special guest with Sebastian Bach after the rehearsal. They had fun for more than an hour, throwing stories, asking questions to Axl about the band, the upcoming shows etc.

I enjoyed listening, so will you: AUDIO

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May 5th --- UPDATE

My time has been too limited to keep the site updated. To sum it all up...

GNR booked 4 warm-up shows in NY City, Hammerstein Ballroom.
Dates are 12, 14, 15 & 17th May 2006. Nearly all tickets have been sold through pre-sale for forum members. Thanks for that!

Additionally, GNR will be the opening act for the Rolling Stones at 2 of their shows in Germany, 10 and 12th of July.

Another confirmed show:
June 21, Hallenstadion - Zurich/Switzerland

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GNR Tour dates 2006: HERE

March 27th --- UK TOUR IN JULY 2006?

Strong rumours suggest a UK TOUR in the works for July 2006, possible dates in London, Manchester, Cardiff, and more...

More information to come soon!!

Update May 5th:
Classic Rock Magazine says GNR will be touring in the UK from July 18 to 30.

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GNR Tour dates 2006: HERE

February 15th (Updated March 25th) --- GNR BACK ON TOUR!

June 15-17th: NovaRock: the 1st announced concert date. AUSTRIA. My country. Fucking YES.

Other shows that are rumoured, or confirmed by management or host ***

*** May 27 - Rock In Rio Lisbon, Portugal
*** May 28 - Auditorio Juan Carlos I, Spain
*** May 31 - Budapest Arena, Hungary
*** June 2 - Rock Am Ring, Germany
*** June 4 - Gods Of Metal, Italy
*** June 9 - RDS Arena, Ireland
*** June 11 - Download Festival, England
*** June 13 - Praha, Czech Republic
*** June 15 - Stadion Legii, Poland
*** June 17 - NovaRock, Austria
*** June 20 - Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, France
*** June 24 - Graspop Festival, Belgium
*** June 26 - Stockholm Globen , Sweden
*** June 28 - Spektrum Oslo, Norway
*** June 29 - Roskilde Festival, Denmark
*** July 5 - Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
*** July 6 - Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
*** July 8 - Spektrum Oslo, Norway

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GNR Tour dates 2006: HERE


January 18th --- Axl Rose Speaks!

"People will hear music this year," says Axl Rose,
puffing on a cigar in the early hours of Saturday morning at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

"We're working on thirty-two songs, and twenty-six are nearly done,"
he says. Of those, thirteen are slated for the final album. Among Rose's favorites are "Better," "There Was a Time" and "The Blues."

"I'm trying to do something different.
Some of the arrangements are kind of like Queen. Some people are going to say, 'It doesn't sound like Axl Rose, it doesn't sound like Guns N' Roses' He then smiles and adds, "But you'll like at least a few songs on there."

"I haven't spoken to Slash in ten years," Rose says.
"I love the guy, I always wanted everyone to know how great he was, but.... I was just talking to Izzy the other day though."

"Every time there's a big festival announced, we get rumored to be on there," he says.
"But we'll see what happens."

The best read I have had in a long time regarding this band. For the full article, click the link below. Additionally, rumors from a Zack/RATM message board indicate that Axl and Zack will appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone Spring/Summer preview issue, which comes out in March, and that they will be doing a photo shooting together in February.

So... things are very probably finally really starting to roll.

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Full Article: RollingStone.com