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June 29th --- GN'R Continue Through Europe!

Sanctuary Group official press release

Guns N' Roses manager Merck Mercuriadis released this statement following the band's sold out show in Oslo, Norway last night. Their first since Axl Rose was released from jail in Stockholm on Tuesday.

We are very unhappy about Tuesday's events in Stockholm. To put this in context, we are in the middle of a tour - with sold out shows last night in Oslo, tomorrow in Copenhagen, and Saturday in Zurich rounding out this week alone - and continuing until the beginning of August. The Swedish authorities were very aware of this, yet continually threatened us over a 12 hour period with between 5 days and 3 weeks incarceration without bail if Axl did not "cooperate. They were fully aware that there were millions of dollars at stake, not to mention the hopes of tens of thousands of fans who had paid for tickets to see Guns N' Roses.

The point is, the police report should not be taken at face value, and if one were to be explicit, this experience is tantamount to being held for ransom. If the context were any different, Axl would probably have preferred to spend the time in jail in order to ensure that all the facts were a matter of public record.

In addition to this, we are also not happy at the treatment he received. He was arrested after being accosted by a security guard in his hotel, following which he was physically mistreated by the arresting officer in the process of which a valuable bracelet went missing not to be returned. While in custody, he was held down by 5 police officers while a doctor tried to take blood to administer a drug test 3 different times. This illustrates not only the level of incompetence, but malice involved. The results of the test were negative, but the exercise was a clear example of an authoritarian approach trying to flex its muscles. This is the same draconian approach that assumes the security guard in question is telling the truth just because he has a badge.

Here you have a situation where authorities are skewing information their way, with the media all too ready to run with the biased reports. I did not receive a single phone call Tuesday to verify or comment on any of the reported events. There is a long history of claims by law enforcement, media and others against Axl that have not held up against scrutiny, legal or otherwise. He has had countless baseless lawsuits brought by numerous attorneys and nothing of any merit has ever held up.

This is not a criticism of the people of Stockholm. The 15,000 people at the show Monday night were amazing, and everyone we met before and after were terrific, until the encounter with the over exuberant security guard. That is where encounters with real people stop and the authorities attempt to take over. There were a number of people involved who treated Axl well, while the conduct of some was questionable and others still deplorable. Regardless, Guns N' Roses will return to Sweden where they will play once again for the people, not the authorities.

Love him or hate him don't get it twisted.

June 29th --- Show in Oslo

Last night's show in Oslo/Norway took place as planned - obviously with a loaded Axl after the incident the day before. They played a long set with 20 songs (5 new) and a bunch of solos.

Axl's comments during the show included "The next song is one of the ingredients you may need when rent-a-cops go bad", "Straight out of Sweden, I'm an AWA, an Asshole With Attitude", "Law enforcement is everywhere"

Have YOU been at the show? Please email review/pictures etc.

Thanks Surge, Zeppen [ChineseDemocracy.com]

June 27th --- Axl arrested...

According to a swedish newspaper Axl was arrested in Stockholm this morning (7:30). He held a wonderful party with swedish celebrities and models, and got in a fight with a security guard who interfered when Axl had an argument with his personal assistant.

A phone call was made, the police arrived, and Axl was taken to the police station and put in a cell to sober up.

Axl was released this evening with a fine of ~5000 Euros. He admitted attacking the guard and causing damage to the Berns Hotel. Organizesr of tonight's show in Oslo say it will take place as planned.

Apparentlly, Axl was available for a statement. "We had a great gig in Stockholm and I am not going to let this incident spoil that," Rose says. "My assistant Beta and I were talking in the lobby of the hotel when security started to give us a hard time. My only concern was to make sure she was OK."

Pictures from the concert: Here
- Thanks: Jennie Alibasic / www.killtoknow.org

June 26th --- GNR in Stockholm

Greatest GNR show I have ever seen, and I have seen them in 1993 twice and once in 2006. Axl sang his ass off, and his voice sounds as strong now as ever. He almost seemed like he had something to prove, that is how great his voice was. The guitarists were great, all three. I thought it was weird that they all shared the lead, but it seemed to work well and I thought that all three played great solos... READ FULL REVIEW

Review by Terry
Review by NovemberChild
Review by Philip

ON TOUR PHOTOS: Stockholm Here
- Thanks: Jennie Alibasic / www.killtoknow.org

June 24th --- GNR @ Graspop + Nova Rock Audio

We heard a high quality show, with both old and new songs. A big festival like GMM doesn't only attract pure GNR fans, as quite alot of bands are programmed. BUT I have to say that, when I looked backwards from the front rows, I saw almost everyone with their hands in the air, shouting the known and less known lyrics of their songs.

Axl and the band members smiled alot. He even said he was stunned when (from the very beginning) the crowd was showing their knowledge of the GNR lyrics and gave the band an energy boost. - READ FULL REVIEW.

Video at the right side: Thank you Imkje!

Have YOU also seen GNR at Graspop in Belgium? I would gladly put up your review, pictures etc. Email me!

I'm also happy to be able to offer you some audio from the show in Austria, Nova Rock. GREAT quality recording and the the longest set ever. Includes happy birthday songs to the stage manager, Dizzy, a super cool Rocket Queen, Used To Love Her and MUCH MORE. Thanks to to Dime.

For the portuguese-speaking of us:
... NewGNR.COM em português

Graspop Belgium Review: Here
Graspop Pictures: Here
Thank you Jeston!
Audio Downloads

June 23rd --- Site updates.

It's time to update links again - if you have a website (anything - not necessarily GNR related) - email me if you are interested in a link exchange.

I've also been asked if I could create a portuguese version of this site - and I'll gladly do it with some of the content.

Update: 2 more dates added. Greece/Athens on 10th of July,
Istanbul/Turkey on 12th of July.


June 22nd --- A little bit of everything...

It's official: GN'R will headline the Rockwave Festival in Greece/Athens on 10th of July.

I've also been told that GN'R have been given more time to play a longer set at the Graspop Festival in Belgium because Korn cancelled their show.
(hey, new drummer for about 10 dates - Frank Ferrer)

I added some GREAT pictures from the last show in Paris, thanks to Roberto and a french girl. + Another great Nova Rock review by someone who travelled all the way from the US to see the show in Austria... + For the german-speaking of us: Ein deutschsprachiger Review der Show wie er sich gehört - Evolver.at --- [obviously, the fact that I've seen this show doesn't really put any weight into my opinion that this was the best GNR show ever.

See: Graspop Site + GUNSNROSES.GR
Nova Rock Review by John Colvin: Here
OnTour Pictures Update: NovaRock + Paris

June 21st --- Tonights show postponed! Press Release

Guns N' Roses have been forced to postpone their show in Zurich at the Hallenstadion this evening the 21st of June, 2006. Their drummer Brain aka Bryan Mantia has had to return to San Francisco earlier than scheduled to be with his pregnant wife. The band have been travelling with understudy drummer Frank Ferrer and he will be ready to step in when the tour continues as scheduled on Saturday with their next show at Belgium's Graspop Festival.

It is expected that Brain will return to the tour in approximately 2 weeks time. The band had a phenomenal show at Bercy in Paris last night which they consider to be the best of the tour to date. During the exuberant performance guitarist Robin Finck pulled his hamstring but will benefit from the extra day of rest and will be ready for Saturday. The Hallenstadion show in Zurich will now take place on the 1st of July and all tickets are valid.

Guns N' Roses apologise to their Swiss fans for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks.

June 20th --- GN'R in Paris

The show started 40 minutes later than planned - technical difficulties.

'Axl was VERY pleased, very enthusiastic. Izzy was there too, and he was pure class as usual.
Finck, Bumble and Dizzy were superb.' says Bach, a user from HTGTH.

Bes from our forum met the band backstage, apparently Brain is heading home for personal reasons and will be replaced by someone called "Frank" for about 10 dates.

Review by Bach: Here
Forum discussion: ChineseDemocracy.com

June 19th --- Hot stuff...

Best quality videos I've had on my site so far - and that really means something. TV Rip of Donnington Highlights: My Michelle and Paradise City. Software DVD Player needed. I recommend the free VLC Media Player or PowerDVD.

On a sidenote: added NovaRock photos. Once again thanks to her most evilness... Katrin!

Thanks to: GNROSAS, Katrin: look into her photo-album

June 18th --- A message from Ron!

Ron thanks everyone at NewGNR.com (and all the other sites!) for being the BEST most supportive friends a band could ever have!

June 18th --- GNR at 'Nova Rock'

40,000 people and surely one of GNRs longest show ever. I'm not a fan of festivals, too many non-fans there, but the show was perfection.

Have YOU been at the show? Pictures, videos, your review, etc.

My own review: Here

June 16th --- GNR in Poland

Piotr says; The biggest surprise about yesteradays show was that GN'R started 10 minutes earlier than planned. The show itself was amazing, 10/10. Axl's moves, voice, all the guitar solos were just perfect. Everything sounded great. Izzy was there for a few songs, smiling a lot, talking to other guys and enjoying being there.

Axl has such great musicians supporting him...

Review by Pitol: Here
Review by Danie: Here
Photos: ON TOUR - Thanks to Sekh-Met for Prague photos [GREAT!]

June 14th --- Videos

Find new downloads to the right.
Kudos to the "NYC Bitch Committee"

Remember these are DVD files and require DVD software such as PowerDVD, WinDVD or anything similar to play. Also possible with the Windows Media Player, but you need an "mpeg2 codec". I recommend PowerDVD for quality reasons.

Review by Kamil : Here

June 14th --- GN'R in Prague/Czech

Sebastian Bach's band opened for GN'R in Prague (Czech) yesterday. Another great show, Izzy Stradlin with them onstage again - according to Blabbermouth he will be with GN'R at the next four shows as well - in Poland, Austria, France and Switzerland.

Read full review by Kamil.

Review by Kamil : Here

June 12th --- 'Download Festival'

[Review links at the bottom... ]

Last nights show was a 'W..T..F' from a good side and a bad side, says CoMa. 5 New Song's, Izzy playing on a few tracks, and Bach on My Michelle again. Some people threw piss bottles - Tommy smashed down his bass, and threatened to quit the show if people don't stop throwing piss bottles. Axl got mad at the tech guys, saying something in the words of ... 'Seems like the soundman stopped doing his job. Maybe I should stop doing mine!'

All in all, the people say, possibly the most interesting show ever: the longest setlist, a lot of incidents, many new songs, Izzy, Used to love her, and Band & Axl at 10/10 again.

VIDEO: Youtube: Used To Love Her
Review by CoMa: Here
Review by GNROSAS: Here
Review by Ashley Feest: Here

June 12th --- Videos not working? No sound?

A lot of people are having trouble playing the new videos. I forgot to mention, they are actually DVD files and require DVD software such as PowerDVD, WinDVD or anything similar to play. Also possible with Windows Media Player, but you need the codecs.

June 11th --- Axl Interview @ F1 + Media Update

They're playing the Download Festival in Donnington today - and right now, Axl is attending the Formula1 race in Silverstone, England. He was interviewed by a german reporter, nothing terrific, nothing important; saying that there definetely won't be a "GN'R reunion" soon, and that their next show in Germany will be held next year. Video!

More important, courtesy to the "NYC Bitch Committee", I can offer you some wonderful videos from May 17th show. Amazing quality - therefore higher filesizes.

Check back soon for the clips with IZZY STRADLIN, SEBASTIAN BACH & KID ROCK!

Related Links: Interview Video
Review: Dublin, London
Photos: On Tour: Dublin Pics - again thanks to Katrin :-)

June 8th --- Brian May was scheduled to play with GNR!

Yes, it was on the cards for me to play with Axl and his boys last night - but I was unable to get to their sound-check, and, without that kind of preparation, I felt that going on 'blind' might have been a risk. Now I totally don't mind taking risks, but not if it's a risk of messing up someone else's show !! The up-side was that because I was not going on, I could sit out front, and totally relax and enjoy the show, without having to think about my own stuff. (Also it did occur to me later on that probably 3 guitarists is more than enough ! ha ha! Great band, though. )

I thought Axl was stunning .... riveting .... I have seldom seen Hammersmith Odeon in such a state of electric hyper- energy. Just before the band went on, I thought I could actually see sparks in the air !! There have been very few performers in the world, ever, who could elicit that kind of response. And just hearing that voice, drinking it in, letting it drench the soul, was pure therapy - enough to keep the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end the whole night. Axl, as ever, is magic.

Related Links: Brian May's Official Site

June 8th --- CoMa on Hammersmith...

So lets roll to show time, it's 11:00pm, it's time for curfew but the guy's hit the stage, I dont know what Axl is doing these days but his voice, impeccible, immense, everything it use to be and more...

Axl also introduced Robin Finck as the Ribbed Condom of Guitarists, haha.

A possible role on the GnR DVD, a shoutout for the forum on the DVD also, chatting to Ron through the set, being acknowledged for singing the new songs and Axl and the entire band being completley awesome.

This was by far the best GnR show I've seen and nothing will ever beat it, if you didnt go, your loss and i'm totally sorry!

10/10 motherfuckers.
Mp3 sample of Hammersmith: HERE - THANKS GNR14780!

June 7th --- Hammersmith tonight!

Hammersmith tonight...

& Much thanks to my swiss excellency Katrin (aka Tonya) for some wonderful photos from Rock Am Ring (Germany) and Gods Of Metal (Italy).
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Budapest Audio: CD.COM
RAR Videos Youtube: MyMichelle, Don't Cry, It's So Easy, Nightrain, November Rain 1 2 3 , Knocking.., Sweet Child

June 6th --- Shove that up your...


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June 4th --- Italy tonight! + Site Updates

Tonight, the band is playing the Gods Of Metal festival in Italy, continuing the so far very successfull european tour. As usual, reviews, video/audio after the show!

Allegedly, Axl has had problems with his back and worked on it with a specialist in Milano - but this is probably not worth being mentioned as he will be fully back in no time.

I've also updated the site a bit - find a wonderful photo album with band, and tour pictures. [See Miscellaneous for some very special stuff. ]

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June 3rd --- NO Stream -- UK Tour! + Budapest

Due to WDR's (german TV channel) disappointing efforts, GNR @ RAR wasn't shown live on the internet, even though GNR manager Merck gave the 'OK' to do so.

Review and photos of the show in Budapest. Find videos at the right side of the news. More later!
Thanks: Dorian, Janos and Aleksandar

GN'R announced the UK tour for July. Remember where you heard it first? Scroll down to the news from March 27th. Thanks Doug!

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