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July 31st --- The European Tour coming to an end

The 2nd show at the Wembley Arena just ended. Axl walked off during Nightrain, not being able to finish the set. Bach, who came on for My Michelle before, leapt into action and finished Nightrain, and also sang Paradise City without Axl.

"The lights went down at 10:20pm and Jungle started. The crowd went mad. This was the most mental mosh I'd ever been in. No time to rest as It's so Easy and Mr. Brownstone followed. It was choas standing near the front as everyone was fighting for a place to be there. Axl was amazing throughout with a great performance and top voice as usual. It did seem weird however that he went off for a bit after almost every song. Evertime another heavy song started the mosh once again exploded and beathing was very difficult but hey thats all part of it!" - KCJ / via email

Manager Mr. Merck was available for a statement after the show, saying:

"I want you to know that this show today almost didn't happen. Axl felt very very sick this morning with low blood pressure, ..., Axl said, there is no fucking way that we would cancel this show. He made it to Nightrain - Thanks to Sebastian for coming out and doing the last two songs with us. ... We want to thank you all very much!"

Tommy, "I want to say one thing: This guy, Sebastian Bach, is a one-thing that got us through with friendship, love and hilarity. This guy made the whole fucking thing get to a very fulminant end. And... I love you man!"

Check back for a press release later!

To shorten what happened the days before:

Nottingham Review
Wembley 30th Review
+ Acoustic Show at 3 a.m.
[ Some exclusive pix @ ImNotObsessed ]

Thanks for the latest submissions go to:
Danny Care - Sheffield pix
Lewis Gillett - Nottingham review
Cherry - Acoustic Show review / pix
Gilly - Birmingham pix
Ingrid - Download pix
Willy - Nottingham review
Shelly - Birmingham pix
Dimitra & Tina - Wembley pix / Acoustic Show pix
Danielle - Manchester pix
Kev Cronin - Wembley2 pix
Adjamian - Acoustic Show pix, with all of his buddies :D
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Thanks to everyone else submitting stuff, it's very appreciated!

July 28th --- The European Tour coming to an end.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site and to all people who sent supportive emails. All of them will be answered in the next week.

This site will be updated again on the 31st of July - check back to read about the end of the very successful European Tour.

July 25th --- UK Tour - Guns N' Roses in Birmingham

Well... That must of been the best GnR gig on this tour so far. The crowd was the best iv'e been in, the band was the best I had ever heard them, and all in all the gig has to be the best iv'e ever been to! So the band began to play through the usual few songs. The new song Better was met with huge applause and cheers at the end!

During You Could Be Mine, at which mid song we hear Axl say something along the lines of.. "What are you fuckers doing down here... STOP STOP STOP.." *Band Stops* "I'm talking to these security guys down here, what the fuck are you doing, the guy was having some fun and you go and beat him up".... *Band countinues from the Bridge*

Later Izzy came on for the Izzy songs, and they ended the show with Paradise City. This must of been the best atmosphere and best crowd to date. After this show it prooves that the, hate to use this word, "New" Guns N' Roses has a number 1 place in the Rock world still!

READ FULL REVIEW - by nipanimal.

Thanks to Keith for [Manchester Pics]

July 25th --- A message from Richard! / Newcastle

To my knowledge, there was never a bottle thrown at the stage while we were on it.  ... During Night Train, someone threw a coin and it hit Axl and he stopped us and we walked off.  We made an announcement that we weren't going to keep playing if anything else was thrown.  Unfortunately, we came back, started the song again and the same thing happened.  So we left. ...   The press reports that I've read made it sound as though we were bottled and booed off the stage, but as usual they are full of ****.    That includes the story about Axl refusing to go on until he got a roast duck dinner.  Complete bull****.  I know, i was with him.  Blatant lies.  ... Your emails and all the posts on the websites have really meant a lot.  oh yeah, one more thing.  Izzy Stradlin is one of the coolest people i've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It's a pleasure to play with him and to hang out with him.  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has helped make this tour so much fun. 

Source: HTGTH
Thanks for the pic:
Kevin Wells

July 23rd --- UK TOUR - Guns N' Roses in Manchester

What a show! I'm still in shock of seeing my all-time band for the very first time... they were well worth the wait!

The arena was great, atmosphere was excellent, and the crowd were a lot of fun to begin with! While waiting for Guns to come on, the crowd got bored so they decided to do mexican waves, and girls even decided to take off their bra's!! ...

Axl's voice was on form and throughout the show, it got stronger and stronger. The song which stood out for me was I.R.S!

Something funny... just before I.R.S Axl said Richard had been doing a lot of work in the last 2 days and has hardly slept, and then said 'Yes well I've worked hard too. She was a good girl!'


Looking for other detailed reviews. You can also email pics / audio. :) I'll post videos later, thanks to Adjamian!

Thanks to Craig for [Manchester Pictures]

July 23rd --- UK TOUR - Guns N' Roses in Manchester

The latest addition to the viedo downloads is a nice pro-shot teaser of what we will see on August 11th. WDR (german channel) will show the complete Rock Am Ring performance minus some new songs. This is an outtake of a report by the dutch MTV in DVD quality, so I totally recommend using PowerDVD or anything similar to watch it.

So, Guns are playing in Manchester tonight. We have someone there recording video bits for this site and I'd really appreciate if anyone could also write a detailed review. You can also email pics / audio. :)

July 21st --- UK TOUR - Guns N' Roses in Glasgow

Glasgow went mental. The energy that had been building during the long, long, long wait for Axl and co. expl*ded as GNR fans old and new (from grey-haired guys in studded leather jackets to 13 year-olds in Nirvana hoodies) were jumping, stomping, clapping and singing along to every word.

Did it live up to expectations? It did for the group I was with. The band sounded great, Axl's voice was unbelievable throughout and with two and a half hours we certainly got our money's worth. - Mark's Review

At one point a girl thre her bra onto the stage. Axl picked it up and joked that hed use the cups as bowls for his breakfast cereal tommorrow, he then put on a mock scottish accent and said he looked forward to some "Scottish milk.... some highlander milk!". - Craig's Review

(I received THIS EMAIL today.

I never saw the original line up but I've now seen Velvet Revolver doing Used To Love Her and now GNR. GNR were better at it quite easily, to be quite honest they were much better than I dared hope they'd and the guys really are as talented as the original GNR members at least. Wasn't convinced before I went but I'm now a convert, long live GNR in this incarnation (please, please, please Axl don't sack them they're too good to lose). If you haven't got tickets to this tour, lie, beg, cheat steal just go if you're a fan you really won't regret it.
" - Jonah's Review

I'm still looking for pictures / audio / videos... Email me!

Craig, Stuart and Craggy for [Glasgow Pictures]

Emma for Hammersmith and Donnington pix


Sanctuary Group official press release

Guns N' Roses want the people of Newcastle to know that the crowd at their sold out show Wednesday night was terrific. The band played a sweaty two hour show on the hottest night in a lifetime bolstered by the audience's incredible support. Unfortunately, the band was not able to give the crowd the encore they deserved due to the behaviour of a couple of cowards in the audience.

Guns N' Roses keyboard player Dizzy Reed explained "Newcastle was one of the best gigs of the entire tour. I had puddles of sweat underneath my keyboards and loved every second of it except when some idiots decided to throw things at the stage. When Axl got hit the first time, the audience pointed out who threw the object and security tossed him out so we came back. Then Axl got hit in the mouth with another object, so thanks to the behavior of two morons who obviously don't know how to behave at a rock concert, the show ended with no encores. I've been in this band for sixteen years and stupid sh** like throwing stuff at the stage is something we won't tolerate. We're not targets, we're musicians."

Guitarist Robin Finck stated, "We had a great time Wednesday night and Axl sang his ass off but you do not wait around to get hit in the mouth for a third time."

Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose had this to say, "Getting hit wasn't a big deal. We stopped the song and gave a warning. We came back and started the song over and completed it. We then said goodnight. The house lights went down and I got hit a second time, in the mouth, by a solid object thrown by someone in the audience. After having warned the crowd that we would leave, and having played more than two hours, we left the stage and called it a night with the full support of everyone in the band, our guests and Management. Izzy was the first to immediately support the decision verbally to me personally before I had physically left the stage area. Tommy and Frank came to my dressing room to say how much they appreciated the decision to not continue under those conditions, and express their support for not tolerating anyone throwing items at the stage with a negative intent. This has been GNR's policy since playing Donnington in 1988. We thank everyone for coming, we hope everyone got home safely and we hope to play Newcastle again - hopefully without those looking for enjoyment at others expense.

Guns N' Roses look forward to continuing their sold out UK tour in Glasgow tonight.

Source: Sanctuary Group Plc

July 19th --- UK TOUR - Newcastle

The story is... it was an amazing show until some guy from the audience thought it's a good idea to throw a £1 coin at Axl which hit him in the face. They stopped and left the stage, but eventually came back to finish Nightrain. Axl's words... 'It's hard to entertain 11,000 people when some c**t is throwing sh** at you'. The show ended after Nightrain. No Paradise. READ FULL REVIEW - by Phil Adele

MP3s: Whole show in Audio Downloads
01 - Welcome To The Jungle

18 - Nightrain
19 - Axl Statement
right mouse click --> save target as...
Thanks Dassy

Thanks to Ross for the video!

Newcastle Pictures: [Here]
Thanks for Almeria pix: Rosario Leon Gomez (charo)

July 18th --- UK TOUR - Sheffield

Axl's voice is top fricken notch, although he was a little high in the mix, he sounded 100% spot on.

Bumblefoot came on for his solo but this time without the swiss cheese guitar which was a letdown. He also brought out his fretless.

Izzy came on quite late into the show but the stayed on for the rest of the night. Axl complained that the "monitor system was f***ed ", so he couldn't hear himself. Once again he kept saying there were technical difficulties and stopped the show on more than one occasion. Ron Thal spent the whole night pretty much in the shadow of the amps where as the others were bathed in spotlights.

Not everyone was happy about the shortest setlist so far and only one new song played.- READ REVIEW by Matt.

Looking for a detailed review and pictures/videos... Email me!

Thanks: Mullet, Matt, Claire, Christian
Thanks for pictures: Catarina, Mikel, Backstagebug

July 14th --- GNR in Spain/Bilbao

Incredible show, much better than in Madrid or Lisbon. More than 20.000 people at the Bilbao Live Festival

The second day of the festival was sold out due to GN'R show. Axl talked a lot with the band on stage and also with the audience

Highlights included another Izzy appearance, and playing You Have To Move (Blues cover) with him and Axl sharing the mic, and some bits of Mama Kin.

Have YOU been at the show and want your story posted?
Email me!

Thanks: HTGTH

July 12th --- GNR in Turkey

They expl*ded with Jungle, and It's so Easy, everybody singing along every single word, jumping, screaming...

Axl noticed a banner. He requested and showed it us: "Mum, don't worry, I'm with axl again - 93/06 which was referring to the famous banner from their last show in Istanbul in 93.

The guitar trio is awesome, awesome, awesome. Their passion is so clear. Axl is better than ever. Better than past, better than in the beginning of the tour. Incredible.

Their stage presence is unmatched. People who never heard GNR (yes, they exist!) are impressed by their show. One word to describe (everthing related to GNR, both past and present):


For those interested in details about Axl and what he is up to before and after shows... he's been seen at partying with one of Turkey's most famous models Deniz Akkaya.

Pictures from the Turkey show: HERE - Thanks: Deniz

July 10th --- GNR in Greece

Sorry for the delayed news on the greek show. They were on stage for 2 hours and 15 minutes. No big differencies in the setlist compared to the other shows.

Highlights included Axl mentioning how he saw all the "Greece loves GNR" signs everywhere, another try on the Asshole Song, Izzy joining them again for a few songs (he really seems to enjoy playing in THIS band!) and people requesting Civil War to be played. Axl joked like he misunderstood Civil War for CPR and said "we have to do something about CPR". They also played The Doors' Light My Fire. In the end Axl wore a greek flag that fans threw onto the stage.

Have YOU been at the show and want your story posted? Email me!

Thanks to blueheart - full story:

July 9th --- Link exchange?

The response was overwhelming last time when when I asked for link exchanges! I'll try it again as I have re-written the 'Link Us' page.

If you have a website, blog, fotolog,
forum, etc... of any kind... and you happen to like my site, please consider linking it! :)

Update: New downloads available - Pro-Shot outtakes of Jungle & Easy from a danish TV report. And coming tonight:
It's So Easy from Rock Am Ring, recorded by Gunnershome!

July 8th --- Oslo #2 ...

Highlights of the 2nd show in Oslo/Norway include the comeback of Axl's "Asshole song" and another Izzy appearance! Axl had fun with the crowd, "It's good to be back" he said, and after the 5th song, it was "Thank you. Goodnight. Just kidding."

Later on he said "we're all Guns N' Roses", meaning the crowd and them.

In the end of " Out Ta Get Me" he shouted: 'So you can BITE me'. Haha... before Patience he said: This is what you'll need when your dick gets stuck in your zipper. Introduction for Richard was: Richard ''Dick'' Fortus.

Best song of the night was Robin's song, Better. - knut []

One kid threw a self made t-shirt up on stage, with all the band members names on the front and 2006 on the back. Axl's response was: "Thankyou. That was really nice."

Read Full Review - by Anders.

July 8th --- Some gossip...

According to a turkish newspaper the band requested 6 oxygen bottles, 300 towels and lots of booze for their show in Turkey. Axl also asked to hold a party after the show with models and other celebrities. If you want to know where the pic in this news article comes from, see this. No girls, I don't know who she is, what she does and where she lives.

July 6th --- GNR in Finland, Part 2 (Posted June 9th)

"The set list was almost same that Wednesday night, I think. They didn’t play My Michelle but they played 4 new songs and those were all great.

Band was really having fun on the stage. They were smiling a lot and throwing soft toys across the stage. Axl was congratulating Mantia family about the baby.

He talked few times, mostly about how great it is to be in Finland and how great the audience is. Of course Axl mentioned the Sweden incident and when they played "Out Ta Get Me there" it had a little “F*** You Sweden feeling in the air”. That felt awesome.

Axl still have the same great dance moves as in “the good old times” and his voice is the same or maybe even better.

Read Full Review - by Konde

July 5th --- GNR in Finland!

Went to see Guns N' Roses in Hellsinki last night and I have to tell you that they really kicked a**. They came on after 1,5 hours of wait.

They played the usual setlist, only 3 new songs, but the band seemed to have a really good time. Some idiot shouted "F*** You" to Axl he replied something in the words "you don't have to be here. most of the people are having a good time so F*** YOU TOO!!"

I didn't hear anyone complaining after the show!!

I just hope that all those people who didn't get their tickets because the comments like "It's not the same thing without Slash and Duff" now hear from their much wiser friends, that "no, it's not the same, IT'S BETTER!!".

Read full review. - by Juha

For those who care... Axl having fun with a girl in his limo: [Here]

July 2nd --- Guns N' Roses in the Netherlands...

What an amazing show... WTTJ shook the place up. The crowd went apesh**!

Before Out Ta Get Me, got Axl talking about the Swedish police again. At the end of the song he screamed 'SO YOU CAN BITE ME' which was funny. A great concert. Frank is an A-class replacement for Brain, trust me. The band was having a good time.

Read full review. - by padje (HTGTH)

Update: DVD quality videos from this show. ------------>

Nijmegen Pictures: [Here]
Thanks for the pics: Dennis & XyAxlRosexy & the nice girl
Guns N' Roses Video Downloads: [Here]
Review by [Here]

July 2nd --- Zurich Review / BACKSTAGE MEETING

I found the gig rather short. No Madagascar, no Rocket Queen, no CD, but... They rocked big time, from start to the end! My friends now finally understand me at least, and I think I drew some more people into world's most unpredictable religion - Guns N' Roses!

Katrin also managed to get backstage. Read!

Review: [Here]
Review Aftershow: [Here]

July 1st --- Guns N' Roses Downloads! + Reviews

Do you remember those smaller video clips that I had on my site which you used to post around on other sites and forums to let people know about the band?

No more old ones, I made a bunch of new from the more recent shows. Look here.

The ones of us using MOZILLA FIREFOX can simply left click one of those videos... it will open inside my website. If you want full-screen, double-click it. To get back to the video page press the BACK button in your browser (or on your keyboard). -->

Also see the downloads to the right. Especially the fan-made Better. The author actually directed the footage (with the characters)... he re-arranged it in a way that made it interesting in a music video context and mixed it with some live Better. smile It's not just random images thrown together... was a lot of work and it's well done!

On with reviews,
I have also finally been sent reviews of the Guns N' Roses Oslo and Roskilde shows - thanks Christer, Rene and Aras_DK.

Video Clips: [Here]
Oslo Reviews: 1, 2
Roskilde Review: 1

--- Guns N' Roses

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