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The New Guns N' Roses!

August 25th () --- A7X guitarists talk about Axl...

Synyster: Axl was amazing, he's a very nice guy, we hung out with him and he's a cool guy.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: Most journalists have a bad impression of Axl due to his attitude towards them in particular and Axl's immense dislike of the media?

Synyster: Well we can understand that, as it's hard being on this side of the fence as we get so much shit that it turns you off I guess, of doing any press at any time, especially for a guy such as Axl and of his magnitude. I mean I can just imagine, he gets into a little bit of scuff or trouble in his life then all of a sudden he's turned into this whole different monster that he's never aspired to be or actually is.

Zacky Vengeance: Axl's for fucking real man. He's no joke. He's a nice guy. You know, Axl has these crazy after parties, where there are hundreds of super models... he's absolutely for real man. He's on a total different sleeping schedule to anybody else. Axl Rose starts at about midnight. He takes a limo straight to the show, plays his show, gets off stage and then stays up for the entire next day!

Synyster: We were very fortunate to hang out with Axl and also Sebastian Bach. Like all three of us were at the back of our bus watching Spiderman movies. That was very cool. The guy [Axl] is just misunderstood.

Source: Ultimate-Guitar

August 24th --- Axl at VMA's!

As announced today, Axl will be among those who serve as presenters at the MTV Video Music Awards (August 31st).

Wow, a reason to watch the VMA's!

August 21st --- American Tour: CONFIRMED DATES!
                                          Updating frequently...

Sept 16 - Las Vegas, NV / The Joint
Sept 17 - Las Vegas, NV / The Joint
Sept 20 - San Francisco, CA / The Warfield
Sept 21 - San Francisco, CA / The Warfield
Sept 23 - Devore, CA / KROQ Inland Invasion
Sept 27 - Fresno, CA / Save Mart Center
Sept 29 - Bakersfield, CA / Rabobank Arena
Sept 30 - Reno, NV / Reno Events Center
Oct 2 - Sacramento, CA/ ARCO Arena
Oct 5 - San Diego, CA / iPayOne Center, Sports Arena

If you are a member of my forum (ChineseDemocracy.com) you can buy tickets via pre-sale through the HTGTH website.
Follow THIS link. Be quick, the offer ends on Thursday (24th of August) at 4PM EDT.

Sources: HTGTH, 91x.com
Thanks: Eddy A. (tour dates), Thanks to Amanda (Axl/Ljunberg pix)
Another nice Wembley 29/07 Review,

August 19th --- Axl Interview KROQ

Axl was interviewed on KROQ 106.7 to talk about the European Tour and the choice of songs among other things.

Listen HERE.

August 17th --- Guns N' Roses in Brazil...

While the american tour is taking shape with confirmed stops in Las Vegas and San Francisco, Brazil already seems to be in plans for early 2007.

Richard took the time to answer emails...

--- Perhaps we will play "Civil War" in the future. We will be in Brazil in January of '07. We hope to see you there. Gn'R loves Brazil!
thanks for your support!
richard ---

Source: PerfectCrimeGNR

August 15th --- CONFIRMED!
                       Guns to play Las Vegas and San Francisco

The Hard Rock Hotel website is listing Guns N' Roses to play The Joint on September 16th and 17th. If you are a member of my forum (ChineseDemocracy.com) you can buy tickets via pre-sale through the HTGTH website. Be quick, only 1500 tix.

September 16 - Las Vegas / The Joint
September 17 - Las Vegas / The Joint
September 20 - San Francisco / The Warfield
September 21 - San Francisco / The Warfield

Rock Am Ring Downloads:
Uploading KOHD tonight. Next video tomorrow.
If you know to handle TORRENT files and want the show in DVD quality, go here: MegaNova

Source: HTGTH

August 14th --- Update Rock Am Ring

Axl still seems to be in London. Recent pictures from Saturday night show him with a famous football player. The club they were at is called Movidas and is one of the more exclusive clubs.

As for downloads... My plan was to host the whole show in video - but today I've been kindly asked to not do that :( I have to leave it at 2-3 videos at a time.

Source: Kjendis.no

August 12th --- Downloading Motherfuckers!

I'm adding videos daily, the whole show should be up by the end of the next week, so keep checking in & spread the word! :)

While I'm at updating, see Sandman's nice review from the last show.

Pictures have also been added to the album!
Tommy likes, Izzy isn't sure ...

Thanks Emily

August 11th --- Kind-hearted...

Axl has made a surprise visit to the Teenage Cancer Trust Ward at the University College Hospital in London.

"Axl spent time speaking with each of the patients individually asking about their diagnosis and treatment, and what they enjoyed doing when they were not in hospital. Speaking with patients after Axl's visit, I got a real sense of just how excited they were to have met him and how much it lifted their spirits." - Simon Davies, CEO

Source: NME

August 11th --- Rock Am Ring Proshot

What can I say? Amazing show, amazing video, amazing sound. Thanks to Limulus & Gunnershome for the download stuff! (See at the right)


More videos soon!

Thanks Limulus

August 10th --- A reminder ...

Tonight (00:30 - 02:00 CET), the german TV channel WDR is showing 90 minutes of Guns N' Roses at Rock Am Ring 2006. Apparently the setlist will include most of the old songs, and 3 of the new: Better, I.R.S, and The Blues.

You will most likely be able to view it from everywhere in Europe, provided you use these settings for your receiver:

Satellite: ASTRA 1 H Europe (19,2 degree east)
Transponder: 101
Downlink frequency: 12,421 GHz
Polarisation: horizontal
FEC: 3/4
Symbol rate: 27.500

Tomorrow, the complete audio, and possibly one or two video clips will be available for download on this site. Posting more the days after...

Thanks mikesc

August 7th --- So what's new?

Not much is known where Axl is spending time these days (he has been seen partying in London), but pretty much the rest of the band is back in the states with their families.

Since the tour is over, I thought I'll let you know about some interesting facts and figures...

The longest show was held in my country, Austria, at the Novarock Festival - (READ MY REVIEW) 2 hours 40 mins, they played the standard set of older songs, 4 new songs, Izzy joined them and they did Used To Love Her, Think About You and Rocket Queen as well, which happens to be one of my special favourite songs and I was very, very fortunate having seen it live, because they rarely played it at this tour. By the way, you can download the whole show in audio at this site - and if you ask me, it's the best audio recording from this tour. Videos also to come!

With attendance claims of over 100,000 attendees the show at the Download Festival (Donnington, UK) seems to have been the best attended show - unfortunately partly filled with piss bottle throwing non-fans.

For reviews of all shows, go here.

The next major site update can be expected for the 11th of August, where WDR (german channel) will show
90 minutes from Guns N' Roses at Rock Am Ring in a PRO-SHOT format just like the Donnington stuff. Guess which site will have the first dvd clips up for you to download :-)

August 2nd --- You guys rock!

I want to take another opportunity and thank all of you who contributed to this site, NewGNR.COM, in any way possible - by emailing reviews, stories, pictures, videos, etc or simply by emailing suggestions and supportive words. You guys made the site! Not me!

Sorry if I didn't reply to your email in time, I still have to answer about 300 of them.

To name a few people who really, really deserve a special thanks... Katrin (aka Tonya), who attended quite a bunch of shows and sent pictures and reviews of all them, as well as Adjamian, who flew all the way from L.A. to the UK to see ALL UK shows. Not even a serious knee injury he suffered during the Glasgow show held him up from attending the last few shows. He sent pictures and videos as well and kept telling people to check out this site - I owe you a beer!

Thanks a million to all of you again.

And just on a side note... according to the Alexa Internet Corp., (a subsidiary of Amazon.com, they analyze website traffic) this site has been the most visited Guns N' Roses site throughout the European Tour.

The show is not over yet! Keep checking back daily for the most recent news, press releases, and more downloadable stuff that will keep us going until the next Guns N' Roses show in September, where they will hopefully start an American Tour! I'm looking forward to it - and you can expect the coverage of the coming tour to be nothing less in terms of quality than the European Tour coverage!!

To finish this, here's something that I have been working on for weeks now...
A Chinese Democracy Info Page
I hope it's an interesting read to all - and hey, I still appreciate suggestions. Enjoy!

August 1st --- Guns N' Roses WIN BIG IN EUROPE!

Sanctuary Group official press release

July 31st --- The European Tour coming to an end

The 2nd show at the Wembley Arena just ended. Axl walked off during Nightrain, not being able to finish the set. Bach, who came on for My Michelle before, leapt into action and finished Nightrain, and also sang Paradise City without Axl.

"The lights went down at 10:20pm and Jungle started. The crowd went mad. This was the most mental mosh I'd ever been in. No time to rest as It's so Easy and Mr. Brownstone followed. It was choas standing near the front as everyone was fighting for a place to be there. Axl was amazing throughout with a great performance and top voice as usual. It did seem weird however that he went off for a bit after almost every song. Evertime another heavy song started the mosh once again exploded and beathing was very difficult but hey thats all part of it!" - KCJ / via email

Manager Mr. Merck was available for a statement after the show, saying:

"I want you to know that this show today almost didn't happen. Axl felt very very sick this morning with low blood pressure, ..., Axl said, there is no fucking way that we would cancel this show. He made it to Nightrain - Thanks to Sebastian for coming out and doing the last two songs with us. ... We want to thank you all very much!"

Tommy, "I want to say one thing: This guy, Sebastian Bach, is a one-thing that got us through with friendship, love and hilarity. This guy made the whole fucking thing get to a very fulminant end. And... I love you man!"

Check back for a press release later!

To shorten what happened the days before:

Nottingham Review
Wembley 30th Review
+ Acoustic Show at 3 a.m.
[ Some exclusive pix @ ImNotObsessed ]

Thanks for the latest submissions go to:
Danny Care - Sheffield pix
Lewis Gillett - Nottingham review
Cherry - Acoustic Show review / pix
Gilly - Birmingham pix
Ingrid - Download pix
Willy - Nottingham review
Shelly - Birmingham pix
Dimitra & Tina - Wembley pix / Acoustic Show pix
Danielle - Manchester pix
Kev Cronin - Wembley2 pix
Adjamian - Acoustic Show pix, with all of his buddies :D
(Sorry if I forgot you :( )

Thanks to everyone else submitting stuff, it's very appreciated!

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