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The New Guns N' Roses! +++ Latest News

February 25 --- PITMAN TURNS 31!

I must admit I didn't know it myself, but if the biggest Chris Pitman fansite of them all - EatMySilkworms.com - is to be believed, he is turning 31 on February 25th.

I've put together a few lines about this man (sources are linked below) to save myself the time of answering hundreds of "Who is this guy"-emails

What's Pitman's role in Guns N' Roses?
Pitman seems to work one on one with Axl Rose. He writes with him and also takes part in producing and mixing the album. Despite people thinking he must have a little role in the band, since fans labelled him "second keyboardist", his role is probably fairly big.

Is Chris Pitman an official member of Guns N' Roses?
Yes, everything indicates that he is, especially the fact that he was listed on the tour t-shirt from 2002, and that he has been writing with the band, and working with them in the studio. His talent is likewise big. Whoever wouldn't want to make him member must be dumb.

I don't think I can hear Pitman when he's playing live with GnR... Do I need to check my ears?
You probably do! The thing is that Pitman is complimenting the sound so he doesn't have leads. Thus he's not too loud in the mix. You may hear him on songs like "The Blues" (Dizzy is on piano there, remember), playing strings and a flute after the solo, "November Rain", adding choir effects, flute and sound effects, "Madagascar", adding the drum beat and samples", plus playing Axl's synth parts at "Rocket Queen" and "Paradise City". He can also be heard very well on the most recent leak of "Better"., If you still can't hear him, go watch a movie instead. Music isn't your thing!

NewGNR.COM wishes a very happy birthday!

Recommended sites devoted (or partly devoted) to Chris Pitman:
Pitman's World, GNRSource.com, EatMySilkworms


Thanks for the find: gunsnroses.us | original source

February 21 --- NEW BETTER

Yesterday, another studio recording of Better (which is rumoured to be the first single) made it onto the internet, and several radio stations aired it claiming it's the final version of the song.

Bumblefoot on the leak... "The latest "leak" is obviously some experimental mix of Better - not any version I ever heard, but I don't claim to have heard everything that's out there..."

Please note that in support for the band, NewGNR.COM won't provide any download links to this.

"The good news is that all of the recording for the album has been completed. Drummer Frank Ferrer and guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal integrated themselves into the recordings seamlessly and will have their presence felt. T here is no official release date, as the band is currently mixing, but after some delays and scheduling difficulties, things appear to be moving along." ~ Del James / GunsNRoses.com

February 15 --- STEVEN MEETS AXL!

In an interview with a fansite, Steven said "I saw Axl, talked with him from, shit, what was it? 10 or 12 at night to 8 in the morning, we talked. ... We resolved a lot of fucking shit! It was wonderful! Just wonderful. I was the same happy-go-lucky person that I've always been to him, and he enjoyed it. It was at The HardRock, when he played there. I saw the show, three people in his band all look like Izzy! I told him it sucked, I was kidding. I said "You know the five of us have to get back together! That's when it will really fucking take off again! Nothing will be bigger. It would be the biggest reunion ever in history". You know how he is. He just grinned and giggled a little bit.

Everybody in his band came up to me, "You're the greatest fucking drummer! We tell Axl, 'you gotta get the band back together'!" That's what they said to HIM! It was wonderful!" ~Source

February 11 --- GUNS N' ROSES ANNOUNCES 2007 TOUR

Guns N' Roses have announced that they will be hitting the road starting in April. The first leg of the Chinese Democracy World Tour 2007 will see GN'R performing in Japan, Thailand, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

2006 saw GNR perform over 70 concerts... With the release of Chinese Democracy, 2007 promises to be even busier and more exciting for the band and their loyal fans. ~ Link

February 9 --- GNR @ Beverly Hills City Hall, February 8

GNR played a two-song set at the Rodeo Drive's Walk of Style ceremony, which was held Thursday night (February 8 in Beverly Hills, California). The band, with Chris Pitman on the bass, as Tommy Stinson didn't make it to the show, blazed through "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" to close the event, which honored Gianni and Donatella Versace. (Blabbermouth)

Pictures: Film Magic | Wired Images 1 | 2

February 7 --- GNR to perform on Feb 8?

The LA Times say... "The evening's events –- which will take place at the Beverly Hills City Hall -- include a dinner reception, award ceremony, special surprise musical performances and a live auction of the new Versace Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation." (Source)

Also, with Dizzy Reed's Hookers N' Blow cancelling their shows for today and tomorrow, all signs now point to the GNR performance happening. (Source)

UPDATE ** It has just been confirmed to us at CD.COM that Guns N' Roses are indeed going to perform. The entire band has been rehearsing all last night.


Radio 5FM announced that Guns N' Roses will be headlining the My Coke Fest Concert in South Africa - (Source)

"I’ve been fortunate enough to play in some of the most historic buildings and stadiums around the world but performing in South Africa will truly be an honor," says lead vocalist Axl Rose "I can’t wait to see South Africa. This is a dream come true".

The dates are:
27 April 2007 - New Market Racetrack, Germiston
1 May 2007 - Kenilworth Racetrack, Cape Town

By the way, it's someone's birthday. (Feb 6th!)


January 30 --- Bumblefoot Interview

TalkingMetal.com has posted episode 125 of their "Talking Metal" podcast. It's titled "Mr. and Mrs. Bumblefoot," hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy are joined by Ron and his wife Jen on location at his recording studio. Interview topics include Frank Ferrer, Chris Pitman, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, and Van Halen. 45-minute podcast & pictures @ www.talkingmetal.com

To those wondering what's up with the ads: I decided to go with a bigger ad unit temporarily to raise a few more dollars which are needed to keep you downloading mofo's happy. Ads will be gone as soon as I get busy with posting news again.


January 24 --- On The Road With GNR / MIX MAGAZINE

The article is composed of interviews with engineers and other people working on the live sound of GNR.

A lot can be read about the hardware and tools which have been used.

Link To The Article


January 10 --- What's happening?

Happy new year everybody!

As you might have guessed, I've been short on time lately. I'm back, ready to start posting news on a regular basis again (I'll try at least... it's beyond my control whether Axl & the guys decide to do anything) ... To sum up the past few weeks:

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Axl was in the Palms Recording Studios to (once again) put final touches to the new album.

Play.com has Chinese Democracy in its GNR list, set for a March 5 release, while Universal Music (the bands' record label) says the release date is still unconfirmed.

In regard to the supposed European Tour... I was glad to have been able to share that little piece of information with you. However, I haven't heard back since. I fully believe it was, possibly still is, in the plans.

As for new downloads... I'll soon be uploading some wonderful videos from their tour finale in Los Angeles. What else does the new year promise? I'm working on a few ideas to improve NewGNR.COM and its appeal. Expect a brand new site!


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