The Guns N' Roses HUB is a peer-to-peer chat room where fans can discuss the band and its members, past and present. Live for nearly 2 years, the HUB has fostered many friendships among the GN'R community and has helped fans discover solo projects, new bands, and other GN'R-related information. Unique to the HUB is its file-share offering – fans can easily trade bootlegs of GN'R and solo members, both audio and video. The HUB's staff of Operators regularly monitors the shared files to ensure nothing illegal is traded (there is a strict GN'R-only/no-officially-released-media policy in place). Membership simply requires two open download slots and a gigabyte of non-officially released, bootleg GN’R media.

The client software can be downloaded here.

    1| When the installation is complete, open DC++.
    2| Go to FILE --> SETTINGS --> Enter all info there, such as nickname, email, shared files, slots, etc...
    3| Go to FILE --> PUBLIC HUBS and connect to:

Enjoy the hub and spread the word please.

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