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Re: Tommy Stinson
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Was there anything in particular that you wanted to do differently this time?
I wanted to make a live band record. I have a home studio up here in Hudson, New York, so I’m close enough to the city where I can get guys who are around that I’ve played with before. If they’re in the city doing a gig, I’d get them up here easily. Once I did that a couple of weekends and got really satisfying results out of it, I followed that mode over the course of the summer and the fall of the last year. I had my friends come on out when I’d get them close by.

Everything is as live as can be without losing tonality. Most everything you hear is within two takes of the first time we played the song. That was what I was aiming for. It wasn’t so much harking back to The Replacements days, but I was intent on making records like the way we used to: Just show up to the studio; don’t really know a song; someone’s got some songs in their head; okay, let’s hack ‘em out. Get that spark. It either works or it don’t. You can capture some magic that way that you can only get if you’ve got four guys sweating in a room together. Or gals. We had [bassist] Cat Popper up here, sweating it out, too.

How did your club tour go earlier this year? I told your publicist that only someone born in the Midwest would go on a club tour of the Great Lakes in mid-January.
Well, you know, what else am I supposed to do, wait till the f*cking snow thaws? I’ll have written another record, started another thing and gotten completely lost [by then].

In my case, when I roll a record out, I’ve got to follow through, because I get bored quick. I start fragmenting. It’s the first time in 20 years I’ve actually been able to take the time and put it aside to go and pursue one of my own records. I was in Guns N’ Roses forever. Not that that was the busiest gig on the planet, but it did have restrictions to how much I could actually go and tour behind any one given record I’d make. So this is the first time I’m really putting it to it, seeing what I can do.