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Who out there really "gets" his passion

Those who hate?
0 (0%)
Those who love?
1 (16.7%)
Those who are believers?
3 (50%)
Those who are abused?
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Those who see the light?
2 (33.3%)

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Author Topic: Let us not go against Axls Integrity, but give him credit where credit is deserv  (Read 1591 times)

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Axl has been a breath of fresh air since I first heard him in the 80's. I grew up rebellious but was saved through the light that shines upon the darkness. Axl has proven integrity through emotion. Throughout his demonstation of strength and weakness, he has brought new awareness to me as to what it means to be a musician, with my own words, I say it stands with the true artists to shed light to people who dig other things, to receive that light and spread it on, as always, any light that has been shed comes from only one true being.

Axl is finding his being, learning to be happy, healthy and loving.

Peeps, give him the chance to shine light, and forget your judgements.

I say these things with all respect to Axl, and you.

The album will come out, and it will be great.

P.S. Not to boast (honestly), but just to say, I've been told by many people, I'm a distant cousin of Axl.
I can sing the lows and highs, in the tone, very much close to his. I dream as you die hard fans do as well, that one day, I may sing with him on stage, even if it were for 10 seconds.

-Cory Evertz