06-13-06 | Prague (Prag) - Review
by Kamil

Well. First thing to say that we have been waiting for this show 15 year! Unbelievable. GNR are back in Prague after 15 long f* years!
Yesterday`s show took place in Sazka Arena, an indoor stadium with a capacity of about 18 000 people. Gates opened at 7.15pm, estimating roughly 6000 fans have filled up the arena. An opening act - Avenged Sevenfold came over at around 8.10 pm, they performed like 6 songs with quite a  ardour but it was just 9p.m. when they finished. So time must had been filled up somehow till magical 10pm.,till Axl and his folks were expected to come.

So then after short break suddenly came on the stage Sebastian Bach /hopefully it was him!/ with his band, and played some early hair n`heavy metal Skid Row classics like"I remeber you". He was just fabulous, so dedicated and has pretty warmed up the crowd while waiting for GNR. He madly rotated his mic on the cord....Just GREAT. They finally finished before 10pm, then stage was re-arranged for GNR. I remember when one of the technician guys uncovered GNR drums with its GNR logo, crowd got pretty excited, screaming and chanting GNR! Well everything was done and ready to blast the show off, but no Axl yet. "Where the fuck is he?" Again delay?? SO another waiting for another hour or so. Lights went finally down at 10.50 pm. with INTRO to the Jungle, then appeared AXL with very, very loud scream: Do you know where the fuck U R, Prague??? He wore pale-yellow jacket, black shirt, jeans and orange! shoes. He was in very, very good mood, very lively, his voice was just thrilling, strong and clear! Stage was not very spacious for his suddens runs  ,but despite of this...he enjoyed himself very much.

So did we! After Jungle came Easy and The Better. Robin, Richard, Bumblefoot
and others were pretty good tuned. After non-stop-3-song playing Axl apologized "for little delay of your entertainment" and mentioned FIFA World Cup 06 in Germany where USA lost their match with Czech Rep. 0:3. He laughed and said us... You fuckers..:) I dont recall exact setlist, but there were some very funny and interesting moments l... e.g.  1) fans were throwing some bracelets /not a wristbands/ on the stage just when Axl sang, he leant over and collected all them from the stage floor, put them on his right wrist and smiled to us... one bracelet even hit him on his forehead.. Tommy laughed on his behalf..:) .. or 2) there was a czech national flag lying on the stage.. Axl picked it up and stucked it into back of his jeans and kept singing. Wonderful communicaton , very strong!!!...or 3) near  me was a half-drunken idiot, who tried to insult Axl verbally by yelling at Axl between 2 song / cant remember which ones/.. "Axl, fuck you, you fuckin asshole!!"... and Axl answered.." So as you, you pink asshole.. and laughed
again, and said afterwards " its kinda universal language for fuck off.""..... Hahaha, I was so pleased to hears this from Axl...After this that mohafu** sucker finally calmed down, otherwise he would be probably kicked out by fans l. What was the strongest moment for me personally was when IZZY fuckin STRADLIN appeared on the stage, introduced by Axl.. Crowd was chanting IZZY,IZZY.

He was obviously moved and smiled.. and play with the group I think About You, Patience, Nightrain nad then came back at the and of the show to contribute on Paradise. Very strong experience!!!

Needless to say ..as to Axl.. it was juts him... his movements, runs, jammin
with the mic stand, throwing it away.., his tatoos, incredible and strong voice.. generaly in very good condition. Bumblefoot played whole Donty cry.. amazing performance..., Robin and Richie played smashing "Beautiful" and some doodle  during show as well as Brain did some perfect drum solo, appreciated even by group members /maybe not planned/, Dizzy as usual.. blast off the piano play on The Blues...and at the end ...after Paradise Axl threw his mic into the crowd!! WOW!!. I wish I could have it.

The show is now over, but strong experiences has remained inside, will never
be forgotten"

thanks to AXL and GNR for Prague extraordinary show!!


Kamil from Slovak Rep. / kafogel/


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