12-11-09 | Seoul (South Korea) Review
by Allan

December 13, 2009 --- SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.

This was my first ever GNR concert, I had tickets to see them in Cape Town South Africa (Im South African) in 2007, and as everyone knows that was cancelled.

Im a fan from way back in the day, was a huge fan in the early 90s when I was like 11 or 12.

Fortuantly I am living and working in Korea now, so I had the chance to finally see them play in Seoul, which is about an hour away by bus from where I live.

Anyway, I got there at about 8pm, I was runnig late, but I figured I would be fine as when does a Guns concert ever start on time? I did manage to get within 5 feet of the stage, so i had an awsome view of the gunners.

There was an awsome atmosphere, inside the olympic gymnastics arena. Lots of Westerners and Koreans. There was some crazy dude asking Gnr trivia questions, and if you could answer enough he handed out prizes of burnt dvds of classic GNR concerts. I got one btw.....Otherwise we all just stood around chatting about Gnr and rock on general while we waited, and made freinds with some cool Koreans...

They actually didnt keep us waiting too long, and came on about 9.45 pm or so. Basically it was kick ass. They sounded great.

Axl was in fine voice, and he has absolutely lost nothing. His voice is still amazing. Though he looks a bit older, and a bit chunkier lol But the dude still has the charisma.

Oh, and the braids are gone, he has longish hair again. And the bandanna is back!

DJ Ashba, this dude was awsome, great guitar player. He just has the right look and atmosphere about him. He really looks like he belongs in GNR, and he does nt mangle the solos like Finck did imho. He rips on the classic gnr material. The guy is just covered in insane tatoos, most people could nt take their eyes off him when ever he came to the sides of the stage. His guitar solo was damn cool, and quite soulful. Axl has so made the right choice with this guy. Hope he records and writes with Axl.

Richard Fortus was as always a great performer, full of energy, and a damn good guitar player. He played the James Bond theme on his guitar before they launched into Live and Let Die. Sounded fucking cool, the film producers should seriously let him record it for one of their films.

Bumblefoot, amazing, as always. This guy just makes playing guitar look so easy. His solo was also fucking sweet. He played the pink panther theme. Too cool...

To be honest the rest of the band made no impression on me....

They opened with Cinese Democracy, and played a lot of songs from the new album. Sorry was fucking epic. Axls vocals were so good on this song, and Dj ashba 's solo was damn good on it.

The new songs sound great live, and take on ore life. They sound a bit warmer and more organic. They really blew the roof off with Better, and Ashba played the end solo a bit different than Finck, better actually...lol

Other than that they tore throught he usal AFD songs, and the few UYI songs. Overall they sounded great, performed their asses off, and proved to me they are a damn good band in their own right.

The only big letdown was that we got no encore for some reason. And no nighttrain! That was my biggest dissapointment as its my favourite Gnr song of all time.

Oh well, I will just have to catch them again someday somewhere....


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