28-10-11 | Orlando, Florida Review
by mcalldp (mygnr)

The show was fantastic. Buck Cherry had good energy but I just didn't like the music. It sounded bland and would have been better in a smaller club setting. The 1 1/2 hour wait for GNR wasn't bad, it gave us time to smoke, eat and get a couple drinks. A small amount of 'booing' started towards the end of the wait but it wasn't extreem. The wait didn't bother me at all. GNR came on about 11:30 for an amazing 3 hour set.

The acoustics were not the best and Axl's vocals were too far down in the mix at first but that was fixed pretty fast. The band sounded great, Axl's voice was spot on. He had plenty of rasp and the screams were all fantastic. He didn't seem to be winded at all after the scream in WWTJ or other screams (The ones in LALD were intense!) he nailed SCOM etc... over-all vocals were just fantastic.

Axl smiled and spoke a lot, he was very interactive with the band and crowd and seemed in an over-all very happy mood.

There were plenty of empty seats and all pics showing the place looking packed are from a particuliar angle. The FRONT was packed but anyone saying the place was sold-out or even 95% capacity are in dreamland. There was one section that had 6 people in it the entire time and the floor, at BEST, was half full.

There were two guys I saw dressed as Slash. One of them was in the hall on club level saying "fuck Axl" over and over. He was doing it to be funny but probably a good thing Axl didn't see him.

The venue is nice, not great acoustics but very comfortable with plenty of helpful staff. There is a nice bar on the club-level floor but expensive (Double shot of Jack on ice = $23 plus tip) They did heard all the smokers into a cattle-pen style area during the break if you wanted to smoke but finally, during the main show, some peeps started smoking in the concert hall, same time you started smelling the weed come out.

I thought the crowd (barring the ones right up front in the GA section) were very mild. There was one fight between a couple girls that resulted in several people leaving but everyone else, from my view, were pretty tame.

Over-all, I was very pleased with the show and am glad to say that I was most impressed with Axl's vocals and interaction/attitude during the performance, he was spot-on. Anyone in attendance at this show was lucky to see it. At the end, Axl thanked everyone, told us to be safe getting home "hope to see you again, I saw some of you fuckers last time" He seemed happy with the show as well: http://mcallister-pr...com/gnr/gnr.MOV


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