Tommy Stinson
born on October 6th, 1966 - Minneapolis

Tommy's friend and well-known session drummer Josh Freese told him that Axl was looking for a new bass player for Guns N' Roses to replace Duff McKagan, who showed no interest in participating anymore.

Tommy learned the bass lines, and got called in for an audition. He describes the studio collaboration with the musicians as "magical", says... "If it works out, it could be history making, 'cause no one's ever done this before. A lead singer's never taken the (band) name and continued on with an entirely new band and done that successfully before.

"I kinda got into this for exactly that reason - if you're gonna try to do something really whacked, this would be the way to do it. I really don't think about the consequences either way - it's either gonna work or it's not, and in the meantime we're all having a good time trying to make it happen."

Axl likes to call Stinson the 'general', because he leads the band through the rehearsals.