Ron Thal
aka Bumblefoot
born on 25th of September, 1969

Recommended to Axl by none other than Joe Satriani, Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot is ready to rock everyone's world with Guns N' Roses.

To quote one of his fans; ' Trust me, in time Ron will be one of the most loved members of the band. He's such a genuinly cool guy and he's one of the greatest entertainers I've ever seen - which is a rare thing among the virtuosos. His stage presence is really one of a kind and is only surpassed by his ENORMOUS musical talents.

His words to a fan after his first show with GNR in NY... "It's been wonderful playing with GnR - getting to play amazing songs with talented cool people... Friday was soooooooooo much fun, can't wait to do it again tomorrow"

At 12, the ever curious Ron started customizing his guitars in the most funny ways, a particularity he has been later known for. By painting album covers on the back of dungaree jackets, he earned enough money to buy himself a black Ibanez which had the advantage of having a vibrato bar (Ron had since discovered and was highly impressed by Eddie Van Halen).

Later in life Ron started off his professional life as a teacher in music and photography courses. Besides his own releases, Ron Thal works as a songwriter/producer and writes for publishing companies and TV shows.