Robin Finck
born on November 7th, 1971 - Marietta, Georgia

Robin Finck was born on November 7, 1971. He grew up in Marietta, Georgia.

Finck joined Guns N' Roses in 1996. After working on the new album for a couple of years he returned to Nine Inch Nails, went on tour with them, but then came back to GN'R in 2000.

His presence alone brought cool factor into the band. He is the epitome of coolness, really unique in his ways and his looks. And even his posture, his walk, there is confidence, a lot of emotion and artistry and style that make him such a figure on stage.

His guitar riffs are heavy and raw, his rhythms as heavy as any guitar band could hope for. He tempers his screaming leads with soulful control, is also a maestro of pure, string-ripping noise.

Watch Finck's face and body, he feels the notes in his guts and his body expresses that along with his fingers and a combination of that gives you shivers when you watch somebody live.