Chris Pitman

on the keyboards/synth.

Chris Pitman was born and raised in Kansas City Mo. During his early years in K.C. he performed in several Midwest success stories such as "XR4", "PHYSIC MYSTIC", "SIR REAL", and "IBIZABAR".

While attending UMKC's school of art, his future fate was set in motion. Chris met and became friends with the then unknown drummer DANNY CAREY (TOOL) the two of them played in bands together throughout the Midwest until Danny decided to move to L.A. The rest of Danny's story is history and staying true to his fiends he opened his door to all of his old friends.

It wasn't long before Chris and his pal Mulligan left for L.A. The three of them went on to form "ZAUM" soon after that Chris and TOOL bassist PAUL D'AMOUR formed "LUSK". The two of them recorded and released the critically acclaimed album "FREE MARS". Much to Chris's surprise "FREE MARS" had found a new fan, a very important fan, AXL ROSE. A phone call was placed and the rest of Chris's story is now history...