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The New Guns N' Roses! - LATEST NEWS


Thanks to everyone involved, Jarmo/HTGTH and Eric/MyGNR for hosting this, Fernando, the fans, this is absolutely great.

Thread at NewGNR for Discussion

Axl on performing late and being late to gigs?

I've been an after midnight type since I was sneakin' out of my house in Jr. High. With old Guns we preferred 12am or so. When we moved to theaters etc obviously that changes but it's never changed inside me. Doesn't matter what I do so generally that's when I'm more myself. This isn't to mess with anyone that has an early schedule to keep it's just personal preference.

And in regard to the size venues I'm on record as preferring what ever venues allow for our schedule but management and promoters can do a lot in their own interests behind the scenes that can rarely be avoided and their greed or whatever leads to a lot of double talk and ugly behind nonsense that generally eventually ruins things for everyone. Translated once a tour is scheduled however it's like parting the seas to change.

As far as being late, I've been that way my whole life. It drove Izzy crazy but he would check himself and freely admit I was generally actually doing something that had to get done rather than watching basketball etc.

On a video for Better?


Who do you listen to for hardcore blues? I'm a blues singer and I can tell from your work that you have at least got way into a couple of blues records.
Bessie Smith, Zep 1, Robert Johnson, Tumbleweed Connection, Janice.

Regarding multiple albums...
For now we'll concentrate and keep our focus on this album but I will say I've always thought of it as a double.
And no offence but no one's trying to talk in parables. The issues are a bit more complex than anyone would like.

Hey Axl, is the song Atlas Shrugged as epic as the book? Who is your favorite character from the book?
Song doesn't have all that much to do with the book other than trying to do what you believe in and a line about shoulders not being wide enough.

Axl was their ever a cover B and cover C for chinese democracy?
Yes there are. There are 2 more covers/bk cover combos and the real booklet that is all artwork that will be out shortly in some form. It's been an ugly battle that hasn't made any sense to anyone and whether anyone cares about such things the booklet or artwork has always been something I've been passionate about and to release the album with unapproved and unseen final artwork with a !st work only error filled draft when others more recent were readily available still has not been explained but is finally getting cleared up. My fave is the How Are You Grenade cover.

Axl how do you feel about Kanye outselling Chinese Democracy? Do you like Kanye's music?
I met Kanye at the Versace awards. He was very gracious. I love Gold Digger and told him so. I'm a big fan of his stage performance as he seems to go for it physically which I relate more to. B4 r release I sent him a msg that any nonsense from the media had nothing to do with us and wished him the best. I'm humbled we've done as well as we have considering.

Axl do you control the weather or is that solely Oprah?

Jarmo, do you know the reason behind the name Dexter? Is he a fan of the show (on Showtime)? Just curious...No need to reply if the reason is deemed private/personal.
could be because of the guy from The Offspring, too... but I'd rather it be the TV show.
The show and my cat named after the show, she's a methodical killer.

Hi Axl, how's it going?
Just wanted to ask if you had any fond memories from the UK leg of the tour from 2006, particularly the concert in Glasgow in July?

Glasgow was great. I think that's where I got to do a lot of slides on the stage. Was like a race track or something rt?

Axl, thanks for Chinese Democracy which i personally think is your best work.
what's your pick for album of the year?
and have you heard the new MetallicA album?

Ours of course!!
Yes, I like it.

Axl will you tour Australia next year, and when are you looking at doing so?
If you could work with buckethead again, would you have him just in studio, or also would you welcome him in the touring lineup?

Austrailia's great and the crowds are really alive. No plans yet but I'm sure there will be.

I have no issues with Bucket. It's hard to tell what was real or not in things we were told by Merck. He's more than welcome to tour with us in some form or other provided we're both interested at the time and come to some type of reasonable terms. Personally I have a blast w/Bucket on tour and get a big kick out of the guy. A lot of feelings were hurt on this side of the fence in how things went down and unfortunately others used our silence and the public's not knowing for their own purposes at both Bucket's and our expense.

Now that you said that please tell us if Robin's out or not... because, otherwise, we'll be reading several 'Axl wants Bucket back and Robin/Bumble/Richard out' type of threads for the entire '09 year and these threads annoy us, the new lineup fans.
It really is what it is. No decisions have been made by either him, I or us that I'm aware of.

When we're touring or working in the studio or there's social things like a friend's dinner or party whatever we would hang. But as people get older they have their own lives. The Stones aren't going bowling every Tuesday etc.

Robin leads one of the most different lives I know of starting with the trapeze in his backyard to the tv in his closet. Robin's work on the next is done so there's not lots for him to do here except the elusive promo and he'd rather be on stage.

It's more about seeing where things are when Guns decides it's right for a tour and if we're able to make agreements we both are comfortable and can live with at that time.

As a native Colombian I must ask:
In 1992, while performing November Rain in Bogota (in November), it rained.
Wait no....it poured.
How weird was that, eh?

Very surreal and religious feeling. So was being chased by the military in our plane down the runway gettin' outta Dodge there!!

Hi axl!
just wondering what stops you from playing more guitar live?


Hey Axl,
Are you checking your PM's???

Not rt now. It's a bit slow getting around on here rt now.
Let's talk about Catcher!!
Who's 1st?

Axl/Dexter, I'm fixing to pack everyhting I own into my car and drive out to L.A. from Arkansas to give a career in music a shot. Any advice? Or should I just shit in my pants, dive in and swim?
Follow your heart, don't sell out and read every book on the biz u can find.

Catcher is one of the best songs on the album, why no Brian?
There's a few reasons and none of them all that big and definitely not in spite or to slight anyone.

1st off obviously I knew people liked the song but the Brian appreciation really only showed up in force publicly after we had moved on in Guns. In fact Not many seemed to care and most comments were aimed at why Slash in their opinions should be here.

Brians solo itself is a personal fave of mine and I really couldn't understand as he's such a rock legend why it wasn't openly appreciated more at the time.

In actuality all that feel and emotion referred to now had a lot to do with Sean and I and the parts I chose out of Brian's different runs, versions, practice runs etc to make sure we had those elements in one version. It's entirely constructed from edits based around one specific note Brian hit in a throw away take. And though Brian seems to have warmed a bit to it at least publicly he was unfortunately none to pleased at the time with our handiwork.

I remember looking at Brian standing to my left and him staring at the big studio speakers a bit aghast saying "But that's not what I played."

Sean Beavan and I were not in any way tring to mess with Brian we just did what we do and then try and do our best to stand up for our decisions.

Axl are you still thinking of suing Dr Peppers ass?

Sure but the actions taken so far had nothing to do with me and I was taken off guard as I had specifically told our team who fucking cares rt now we have a record to deal with.

My feelings are after their public response. It was cute.

Maybe the guy who got it rolling originally meant well but it turned out sour and maybe it's just me but he seems like maybe he wants a bit too much attention so...

I'm sorry for posting this again! It's just..I don't get this chance everyday!
Ever still think about working with Jeff Lynne I think you two would be fuckin awesome together.
Would you ever give an unkown band a chance to open for you guys?
How do you feel about Double Fantasy? I could see u covering watching the wheels
Have you seen the movie The Aviator any thoughts it is my favorite of all time.

Not presently but he's a true hero of mine.
Absolutely. I think we have or at least relatively but I could be mistaken
Big Lennon fan.
I piss in jars all the time only I throw them at people!! j/k

when are the online shop opening?
I haven't been involved much in any of our merch and the reasons are it's been a mess legally for years. Unbeknownst to most of you I was recently sued again by Duff and Slash for some murky Merckiness that I was unaware and not involved in. Fortunately that was resolved but it got ugly and took a while going into arbitration.

Merck shifted our merch from some of our newer styles to incorporating more of the old with some scam that actually and surprisingly lost sales in comparison but that's old news.

What I look forward to is incorporating the new artwork into our merch and getting some for myself. I think u'll like a lot of it. My vote's for the How Are You grenade and the Sorry automatic rifle artwork on shirts etc.

How do you feel about artists covering your songs ?

Depends but in general it's great.

Hey Axl , whats your favourite song from either Chinese Democracy, or from an unreleased album?
The bridge in "Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul aka The Soul Monster (working title Leave Me Alone)" which will no doubt end up "Soul Monster".

I think it's r most Black Sabbath moment. Sang it on a Christmas eve. Imo the meanest section of anything I've sung to date. Which having said that I'm sure when it's heard others may disagree but we felt it was a Christmas card of unadulterated venom so to speak. I felt a lot better afterward.

Axl, how is your relationship with the former members/friends of GNR???
Not sure I understand the question.

Axl, do you know of any steak house in the Los Angeles area better than The Cut?

Haven't been but I hear it's great. Maestros T.O. is pretty good.

Someone give me a list of all the alleged song titles at once and I'll tell what's real or not. Most from the past like cockroach soup or eulogy aren't.

Atlas Shrugged
No Love Remains
Take That
When Love Collides (I believe that was the name)

only Atlas

I know this is jumping the gun big time, but any tentative idea when you would like to see the next CD come out?
No, maybe same bat time, same bat channel next year but we'll have to see.

Hey Axl,
Is there anything in the past that you have now looked back on and thought maybe I culd have handled that differently, also what are your ongoing hopes for GnR in the future?
I have cyclothemia and sometimes get this feeling that I cant be around people and need my own space and area, how do you find the bipolar effect you, if you dont mind me asking that is?
thanks again for doing this.


Of course but in the world of sports and litigation....

I've not been diagnosed as being bipolar though many misconstrue statements I made earlier as alluding to such and unfortunately there's been an abundance of misguided or unqualified speculation of various events but I definitely can relate to needing my own space.

In my world all bi polar means (and not to offend or make light of those suffering from a genuine condition or involved with those who are) is that someone can try to take cheap uneducated shots or try to claim I'm bipolar thus justifying why they should get paid a financial settlement for whatever nonsense they're up to. Fortunately that hasn't proved successful.

- What is your honest opinion on why the old lineup disintegrated ?
- What is your honest opinion on why it took so long for CD to come out ?
I think that's what most people want to know but dare not ask ...

2 great but complicated questions and I agree that people would like to know at least my take on things.

Not avoiding them here but they deserve more than I can give as we've been at this a little while. But I'm attempting to speak out on several issues these being a major focus over the coming weeks and months. What I can say now is u've been told a lot of things in order for others to promote themselves that factually they cannot backup in regard to either. They are complicated legally, financially and have devoured a good portion of my life.

The record Chinese u may have is nothing short of a miracle in almost each and every way that either it or I exist imo under the bizarre and ugly conditions of the last over 15yrs.

Thanks everyone and thanks for all the support and the positive comments both 2nite and over the years. I hope to do this again soon, maybe sooner than u'd think! And u didn't scare me off I'm just burnt and would rather not mispeak on issues that may mean a lot to some.

Thanks again.



And Checkmate is a bogus title.

Thanks to damnthehaters/HTGTH for putting this together!












Donington Festival, 2006 - PROSHOT


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GREECE: RockWave Festival 2006 - PROSHOT

AVI (100mb)


July 10, 2006


Nikos says Thanks to all the traders!

DENMARK: Roskilde Fest 2006, IT'S SO EASY

MPG (100mb)

June 29, 2006

Thanks: Kupirock

LA 2006: Used To Love Her w/ Izzy

WMV (25 MB)
| YouTube

LA Universal City
December 17, 2006

Used To Love Her
with Izzy Stradlin

Thanks to everyone involved!