SLA PICHello all and welcome to NewGNR.com - the place to feed ALL your GUNS N' ROSES needs!

Ok well, not anymore, really.

I launched NewGNR.com in early 2001, previously under a different domain. It's dedicated to Axl and his *new friends* so to speak.

To cut a very very long story short - saw them first when I was 7 years old - watched November Rain a countless times on TV - listening to their music took a big chunk of my life, and when Internet became popular around 1998, wheels were set in motion concerning this site. Good old IRC days. Then came 2001, Axl and a bunch of new guys in his band rocked Rio. I downloaded videos AND WAS IMMEDIATELY SOLD on them. They inspired me, and in the hopes that it would do the same for other people I tried to maximize their exposure on the internet as best I could - by dedicating a website to them and keeping it updated for the fans.

It's now 2011 and I'm struggling to keep it updated as things in life do change.
If you're here for news, it's better you check the FORUM.

And to my surprise, some of you have even written to ask me personal things:
... Check my Facebook, YouTube, and MSN (sladdi@hotmail.com)

Don't stop reading. Let me quickly thank some of the people that MAKE this site - it wouldn't even be half as cool without their input.

Katrin from Switzerland - you're a heart, thanks for the pics, entertaining chats, and moments!
Rafael from Brazil - thanks for all the graphics stuff, wallpapers... muito foda!
Allen (from Cali) & Luiggi (from Barcelona) - finally met these guys. Very much my GNR bros.
Jan from Norway - for being a GNR encyclopedia!
Limulus from Germany - He has done a shitload of video work for this site.
Robe (Michael Renner) from Austria - thanks for hosting the site for a long f'n time & for your support.
Manuel from Venezuela - for contributing to the site with the pretty banner at the top
Team of moderators in the Forum that ensure it's an enjoyable place and keep it clean from illegal shit that is just bad for the band. You guys rule.

Last, but absolutely not least, AXL & GUNS N' ROSES, those around them, and Family

If I left somebody out, please bear with me... it's more about my bad memory than intentions.
Just drop an email. SMILEY

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